Food in Schools

I believe that schools should allow some fast food companies into schools because I believe every student should have a choice between cafeteria foods and fast foods. As a consumer of cafeteria foods every day, I personally get sick of the foods they serve at school which is the same every day. I think if fast food companies came in and threw in all of their different foods they can offer then a lot more kids would be buying lunch at school instead of bringing it with them to school and bring more revenue to the school.

I believe the only way fast food companies should be able to come into schools and serve food is if they made all the foods as healthy as possible so students would still be eating fast foods but a healthy school appropriate fast food. I think a way that some fast food companies could come into school is by giving the school they enter a piece of their profits into the school and that way the school would not have to pay for any food products or food employees it would all be done by the fast food company which in turn would benefit the school even more than just giving the school profits of the money they make in selling the food to the students.

Although school lunches may be a bit cheaper than a fast food restaurants food but the satisfaction of being able to eat something else than disgusting cafeteria food is worth the extra cost. Every student wants something else other than the same cafeteria food each and every day of the year and a fast food restaurant in school gives them that advantage of having the right to choose what they want not what they are encourage to have.