FORP News Letter – November 13 – 2005
As of writing this letter we have been online 12 weeks, 11 hours, and 59 min. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to make this an excellent resource and a growing community of students seeking out examples of high quality work. Also, a special thanks to keto and drgold for helping us out with some bug issues relating to the sites functionality. If not for you guys we would be still doing things the hard way!

We are currently at 562 papers! 500 papers was a major goal for me when I first thought of this site. I never thought it would take off this fast with so many people contributing. There are still a fair number of people contributing as anonymous users and that is ok but I would hope eventually they sign up for accounts so that we can give them credit for their efforts.

Thanks again to everyone who is making this site happen and I hope we continue to grow over the next 3 months.

– Admin