FORP FAQ Section

Again, thank you for visiting and participating in FORP ( without students like you this site would not make it.

Below are some of the most commmon questions we get by newer users:

1.) Does cost money?

No, FORP does not charge for any of the services we offer unless you are not willing to participate by contributing a paper. If you are not willing to contribute a paper there is a mooching charge of $12.50 per monthly access.

2.) Do I have to be a registered user in order to post a paper or an article to FORP?

No, Although we encourage people to register to get a unique username so that other users can more easily follow their work. However, it is not required. If you post an article or paper as a unregistered user the article will appear to be written by “anonymous”.

3.) How can I obtain some help from the other users on FORP with my article or paper?

This is a good question and one we get often. Here is what we suggest:

1.) Register as a user on FORP so that other students start to identify your work and your style.

2.) Post a few comments about other papers you read. Imagine that, making an effort to help someone else actually will result in you getting help. Also, make sure you post as your registered user name so that someone will identify that it was you who extended help to them.

3.) In the title section when posting your paper write “Please Review”. This will make it clear to students that you are requesting help with an article.

Example “The Long Road Home – Ethics (300 Level Course) – Please Review”

If you put something other than “Please Review” be aware that your article will be deleted or at the very least the title will be edited.

4.) Is it ethical for me to cut/paste an article from FORP and submit it as my own work to my college or university.

No, FORP is a research website intended for students to view great examples of works that other students have written and submitted. Please take full advantage of the style and works cited as examples but if you choose to cut/paste a paper you are doing so at your own risk.

5.) Should I put my name or email address in a paper before posting it?
No, we try to do everything we can to prevent spam in all its forms. It is never a good idea to post your email address on any kind of public forum!

If you have done this by mistake please use our feedback form to let us know of the article title so that we can remove your email address for you as quickly as possible.

If you receive any kind of pop up while on our site we guarantee it is not coming from We hate that stuff as much as anyone!

6.) I have posted a few articles as an anonymous user and now that I have given FORP a test run I want to take credit for the papers I have submitted. How do I go back and change who it was submitted by?

In this event please submit a statement to our feedback form naming which papers you submitted.

However, if we get more than one person wanting to take credit for a paper it will be simply changed back to anonymous.

7.) I have too many papers to list myself? I am cool with doing 2 or 3 but I have 25 papers. Can I just email them to you?

Yes, what a fantastic problem to have! Please email us at
with your papers attached. It might take a few days for us to get them all posted but we will surely do so.

Do not forget to include your username so that we know who to give credit too. Or of course if you want them posted anonymously that is cool too. Also, include the course title and course level.

We will email you back when we have finished uploading the papers.

8.) How do I say thank you for offering this website?

1.) Post as many papers, articles, reviews, journal entries, or poems that you have.

2.) Comment on papers that others are seeking help with.

3.) Come back to see what is new.

9.) I submitted my paper but it is not showing up?

All papers submitted to FORP are reviewed by our administrators before they are published. You should expect to see your paper published within 24 hours of submitting it for review.

Thank you so much for participating in FORP and we hope that it will continue to grow along with its users.

If you do not see your issue listed please do not hesitate to use our feedback form.

Best Regards,