The film festival that I have enjoyed to most is an Indian film festival held at New Delhi in December 2005. There were great movies with different stories were released in that film festival. One of the reasons why I liked this festival is, the actors and actress of each individual movies, were excellent in their acting. The whole film festival was of 5 days showing 5 different Bollywood movies. They were very distinct from each other and they were some of the most famous movies of Bollywood. What I have learned from the film festival is that “love” is the single most important thing in life and our lives revolves around it each single day and night of our lives.
Filmmaking is a collaborative effort with several elements that are worthy of analytical consideration. The success of a film is dependent upon telling a story that is cohesive and interesting through the use of cinematic elements, talented actors, and a host of other factors that affect the films quality. The ability to analyze these elements by the audience can enhance and deepen their viewing experience. Paying attention to the details of a film along with the nuances that occur between actors during their interactions with one another adds further dimension to what would have otherwise been a simple, flat story line.
In Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, five characters of different races turn directly to the camera and angrily vociferate a long list of racial slurs about other ethnicities that, in the end, leaves the viewer wondering what hit them. One hears time old slanders and massive generalizations, combined with new sounding stereotypes that everybody seems to understand. What underlying commentary about race relations in America today did Spike Lee have by including this upsetting, disturbing scene in the film?
In the summer of 2004, one man had a vision. This man, a comedian and actor named Dave Chappelle, wanted to throw a giant block party in the heart of the Bronx. Chappelle compiled a variety of acts to play at his concert, ranging from contemporary stars like Kanye West to unlikely reunion acts such as The Fugees. “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” is a good movie because it breaks away from many stereotypes
Hello, friends! I want to tell you about my favorite movie - The Notebook. This movies about the old man in nursing home reads the tale to old woman each day. The Tale, which he reads follows two young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. They have met one evening in
In the Weather Man, the director Gore Verbinski presents a middle-aged man’s mingled relationship with his father, ex-wife, children, and job in a special period of time. In the first few scenes, the main role, Dave Spritz, lost his decent job with high payment. And the
You’re about to read the most amazing paper ever written. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD the novel vs. TKAM the movie. TKAM was written by Harper Lee in 1960, the movie was made in 1963. There are some significant parts missing from movie. These scenes are when Scout and Jem go to the black church with Calpurnia, the school day when the Ewells and the Cunninghams are shown, and how Aunt Alexandra seems to have gotten lost on the way to the movie lot.
Before discussing editing in the genre, it is necessary to first identify it, in order to be able to compare atmospheres, themes, visual elements or characters… and see how the editing could meet and match these characteristics.
The film we choose to critique is “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Ed Harris. It is based on a true story of James Robert “Radio” Kennedy and tells the story of how a man who is mentally retarded begins a
Personal traits, tastes, and opinions influence our every day lives. From the places we shop to the classes we take, our personalities affect our choices. This is also true for the movies we choose to see. For