The Notebook movie review

Hello, friends! I want to tell you about my favorite movie – The Notebook.
This movies about the old man in nursing home reads the tale to old woman each day. The Tale, which he reads follows two young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. They have met one evening in

carnival much years agoes. The Parents Allie’s separate But also Allie. They convict the Whined defect a wealth and move Allie away. After waiting whine to write it for several years, Allie meets and becomes the occupied beautiful young soldier named Lon. In local newspaper, Whined scene caughts the eye Allie’s. He costs before completely restored, 200 year houses. The Article is filled by praising for its perfection. The Heart Allie’s nearly bursts. Last time she saw this house, which this was rotted to decay to drag along awkwardly. She has stood enfolded in Whined arms in big entryway and listened their own plans to buy and restore this house. Exactly way, which she has wanted this. With her love for whine still alive, scene to pull in its heart. She must return, see if ??? – an o.k., and report him on its marriage. They both think the echo deep in their own heart, that which lasted all these years, not wide-spread others. The Shout, which they could not suppress. This does not end for me.

The Notebook is one of my whole-loved cinema of time. The Constant, and classicist love the tale, which does You to be felt as it is woke;waked You there observe it as it is woke;waked You – one of the symbol, which do the influence of the tale simply that more real. There really not – no word to describe as this cinema does You to feel, but one this is because certainly… This will do You to be felt. After observe this, I sowed;sown often just where I and is right before thought about this. This – simply one of that cinema that You will think beside 30 years after observe, which this and still gets this ditto feeling in your heart and You will hear that concerned You anyway. If You did not see this, You really miss… The Classicist!