Example of Personal Essay – English

Example of Personal Essay – English
I am going to help you to make a draft picture of my personality according to the way my most close friends or my family would describe me. I’ll focus on three traits which make who I am.

First of all, it is necessary to know that when I was a child, I was treated as a king-child because I lived alone with my mother almost all my young life and because she was weak with me. I thus have to admit shamefully that I took most advantages possible and that I made a lot of whims. I obtained almost everything that I wished. I was really requiring and tyrannical with my mother but, believe me, I am not proud of it.

Another facet of my personality consists in the fact that I am strongly determined. I have set the most ambitious goals and I am convinced that I’ll succeed. I’ll make all which will be in my power to reach my purposes. In order to give you an idea of my objectives I would say:
“I want to become very rich, famous, well-known in the media and reach the highest spheres of the society.”

It can seem paradoxical, nevertheless I am shy and I have a lack of self-confidence. I think that it began when I was between 10 and 14 years and as I was obese. For this reason, most of the guys laughed at me and annoyed me. I was the big little boy that nobody liked. But now that I grew and that I changed a lot, as you can see it, I try to cure my shyness and to open out myself.
This period was the worst of my life, that’s why I think school didn’t prepare me well for adult’s life.

In conclusion, I would say that they are not the only aspects of my personality. So now, I have said enough, it is your turn to discover who I am, if you want to.