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Dr. Martin Luther King Essay

Being known as a man beyond his years, Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned something that many during his time period didn’t. He saw a possibility of change for minorities all throughout the United States. Despite the fact that slavery had been abolished for sometime,

Dr. King noticed that hatred, oppression, and the want for true freedom was still apparent throughout the country. Instead of sitting there waiting for change, he took action and sparked a revolution that had never been seen before in history. This change, in Dr. King’s words had been well over due.

Dr. King had been exceptionally inspired by a dream, this dream evolving into a powerful movement. During his time, desegregation of the South was viewed by many as an impossible task. Although many bombarded Dr. King with ridicule, he ignored the negative and still strived to achieve his dream. Dr. King’s vision was always present and attempted in the years before him, but none proved to be successful due to strict laws created by southern officials. Inspired by Gandhi, Dr. King used nonviolent methods of protest to not only move the hearts of mankind, but also to inspire youths to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

The followers of Dr. King held many peaceful demonstrations including marches and sit-ins to bring about change. The main intent of the demonstrations was to get a point across peacefully, but some events lead to violence brought forth by the police force and racist organizations. The violence and hatred of some only created an everlasting hunger in Dr. King’s followers to keep pressing onward in reaching their goal. Dr. King and his followers came to the conclusion that they would no longer allow themselves to turn their backs from such oppression. This was in the benefit for not only black rights, but for the rights of all oppressed around the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. has proved himself to be a great visionary and drastically impacted the world due to his actions. He pushed and pushed, and eventually saw the hearts of his fellow man slowly change. Sadly, like so many great men before him he passed away before he saw his vision in full effect. Dr. King’s dream still lives on today instilled in the heart of every American no matter what race or ethnicity. When we gaze at what Dr. King accomplished, we see a man who changed the world. Martin Luther King Jr. will always be remembered in history as a great man.