Developing an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

Resource management
The program being developed is a program for the development of an enterprise resource planning system. This is usually referred in short form as ERP system. This is software which is being used by many companies. Its main purpose is the management and coordination of all of the resources, information as well as the functions of a business from the common pool of data called data warehouse.

This system possess service oriented architecture whereby the software and hardware units or rather services modular that communicate in LAN (local area network). This modular design makes it possible for the reconfiguration of the modules at the same time making a preserve of data integrity from a data warehouse.

Objectives for the night club planning project
The project is aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the day to day Activities of the organization. As this involves a night club, particularly an adult cabaret, it means the following areas should be improved in order to ensure that it fits theit attains the efficiency and effectiveness in area such as:

Here the fixed assets, general ledger, account receivable and payable as well as the cash management system will need to be improved.

Project management
These are the activities which will be improved: activity management, costing, billing, time and expense as well as performance units. Creating a plan that will be socially and economically acceptable in the City of Youngstown. The recent events have given the club a seriously negative reputation. My job will be to obtain respect of the club through the community, and its officials. Attending hearings in the Capitol City Columbus is also mandatory.

The venues will be strategically placed to take advantage of the location in order to be able to serve the customers better while increasing the revenues collected from the club hence the profits. Entertainers and guests alike must enjoy the ambiance of the club while abiding by the laws enforced by the liquor control board, the City of Youngstown, The State of Ohio, as well as local ordinances.

Staffing involves interviewing, recruiting and training the human resource. This with proper management they will become more efficient and will avoid man hours wasted and wastage as the right kind of personnel will be hired and the right training will be offered to them. Auditions will be held in order to choose the right entertainers for the vision of the clubs goals. Background checks will and must be implemented so that a future violation could possibly be avoided. Security will have to be doubled in order to not only enforce the laws and rules, but to ensure the community things will be controlled and monitored at all times.

i) Being aware of the goals and the implementation of the new system- which in our case is the improvement of efficiency in the effectiveness in all the departments of the organization.
ii) Developing a comprehensive plan as the project cuts involves each and every process in the organization. Inventory Control, labor costs, advertising, and maintenance al need to be taken into serious consideration for the new procedures and policies.
iii) Involving of the users of the system. If there is experience which is needed then the in-house manager will be given the education required to train other team members.
iv) Adapting a realistic approach as concerns the to the cost estimation.

i) The package chosen should be a standard one for the industry this is aimed to maintain the interactivity with the customers as they are familiar to the positive sides of the industry. Keeping the guests entertained and spending is the main goal here.
ii) Maintenance cost estimation. (NET POS) will have to be implemented in a case such as this. The amount of volume that this club produces, along with the need for organization, POS is a perfect solution.
iii) Evaluation of the company processes this is in an attempt of making a rational decision as regards to the feasibility to the adoption of the new processes. The recent events have caused the club to be closed, a working knowledge of all the new laws in effect will be required in order to assess the project goals.
After implementation
i) Attention will be paid to the workflows
ii) Starting with the condensing trainings in our site before signing up for long distance sessions, due to the multiple stake holders of this enterprise.

Program cost summary
Expense for: Cost (US$)
Consultation 2,000
Assessment 5,000
Installation and configuration 10,000
User interface development 3,000
Administrative and legal expenses 500
Miscellaneous 1,000

The above table shows the various processes of implementation.
The experimental methods will be used to establish the benefits which can be obtained from the implementation of the project.

For scheduling purposes the decision making process allows is capable of giving the project manager a chance to anticipate for change in the schedule as well as the change of the amount of resources being used in the project depending on the change of the general trends in the market. Entertainers being the highlight of the venue will need to be scheduled strategically, to the marketing of the clubs nightly venue.
In conclusion the implementation of this project will be able to increase efficiency in the operations of the organization, thus leading to the reduction in the cost of production thus increase in sales. This will lead to competitive advantage over the organizations which have not implemented the system.

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