The Democratic Party

When coming to the presidential campaign, one most ask themselves which party would be best for our nation as a whole. Although their have been some benefits in the Bush campaign, with having a plan for tax cuts for example, some of his policies are lacking. Now a new election is coming up and one must pick whether to remain with the Republican party, or promote change with the Democratic party. Barack Obama is the best candidate for this upcoming election because he promotes important changes in our nation’s economic recession problem, healthcare issues, and effects on immigration in the U.S.

The biggest problem our country is going through at this moment is our war efforts in Iraq. If McCain was the one to be elected, his affects in the war of Iraq would have some similar affects as the Republican party has already done to increase this knot that has been getting bigger and bigger. This problem has already led to the expenditure of millions upon millions of our nation’s dollars that could have been put to better use in our economy. This and a couple of other problems, have left this country to lead itself into economic distress that our society is having to deal with. The exorbitant increases in food, gas, and all other consumer good prices have to stop.

Obama promotes healthcare insurance for all Americans and if already obtained, stated that there will also be cost reduction to all healthcare insurance. This will not just help out American people with our healthcare dilemma, where more then 45 million Americans are without healthcare, but provide small businesses with Health Tax Credit to provide them with a refundable tax credit of up to 50 percent on premiums paid by small businesses on behalf of their employees. Businesses would also run more efficiently and quality will increase based on the companies having to be required to report data in to ensure that the work environment is healthy and health requirements are being met. This thus helps out the “working man”, by giving us healthier work environment status and keeping people safer.

Another major issue that our country is experiencing is the increase in population in the U.S. based on illegal immigrants coming across borders. Bush has tried to solve this issue (put in number of immigrants come in each year, show numbers), but overall has not solved this problem. Obama supports additional infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. This is a major problem with thousands coming into the U.S. on a daily basis, and with this new type of border control we will have better protection as a whole and be able to know who is coming into our nation with a much more secure system with Obama as our president.

Barack Obama should be the best pick for the presidential campaign, because of the changes he will make on important issues our country has to deal with. His plans to change our nation has a better chance than what the Republican party has already done in office. McCain and his team do not have what it takes to run a nation like Obama. And that’s what it all comes down to, is what the people want and what helps our nation as a whole.