Is Democracy the Answer to Global Terrorism?

Democracy is defined as a government ruled by the people, or as Webster defines it, “A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections,” (Merriam- Webster online search). I do not believe that any form of government could solve global terrorism, when the problem is rooted so far beneath the surface of the country, or group, than just the ruler/rulers and their beliefs.

Democracy certainly gives voice to the people, but what are the people saying? If they are calling for better schools, they more than likely will receive them; if they cry for peace, the country will take action to retrieve it, and if they bellow for war, or attack,they assuredly will attain it.”Terrorism appears to stem from factors much more specific than regime type,” (F. Gregory Gause III,Foreign Affairs).The way a democracy behaves or functions, all depends on the beliefs and opinion of those who run it; therefore if the people wish to eliminate other collection of people it undoubtedly will make an attempt to do so.Thus proving that democracy is not the answer to global terrorism, when the people who run it do not believe in peace.

Also, the spread of democracy cannot succeed in erasing global terrorism if the country of whom it is being pressed upon, if the people do not wish to have it. A new regime will not be accepted by people who are opposed to it; they will retaliate. We have seen acts such as this take place in Iraq, where American troops are in the process of setting up a functional democracy. Retaliations such as bombings, shootings, and taking troops hostage are all symbols that this government may not uphold and succeed when troops are removed. With out constant supervision, it is almost certain that terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, will reform and rise again in the Middle East. As said in American Forces Press Service,”Long-term victory against global terrorists will be achieved “by defeating the hopelessness and despair that these killers exploit, with a system that is open and hopeful,” Bush said during a question-and-answer session following his remarks given at the Kentucky International Convention Center. “And the only such system is a free system,” Bush said.” (American Forces Press Service).This statement may sound pleasing, but how are we to do that without sending the slight message that we too are terrorist? We march in with guns and tanks, kill the innocent, and impress upon the people that we are doing them good, that we are doing the right thing.
In the end, we as a notion have to learn to fight terrorism on a new front, one that is less dangerous to the people of every country weather it be the one which hosts the terrorists or not. We should not force our will upon naions, although, we should protect the world from global threats such as terrorism. We should adopt more lieral poloices on how we find and track these terrorist cells rather than just attacking and sending a force of men that is unneeded. Our country should learn from the millions of mistakes many other countries have made in the past when it comes to terrorism. We should not just retaliate with force when we could cripple them from thier resources such as money, guns, ammunition, ect. if we could desroy them from the inside out, rather than making it seem as if we must hunt and kill every terrorist. As said by F. Gregory Gause III “Rather than push for quick elections, the United States dhould instead focus its energy on encouraging the development of secular, nationalist, and liberal polictcal organiztions that could compete on an equal footing with Islamist parties,” (Taking Sides Clashing Views on Political Issues). The one mistake we make as humans in the business of national security is forgetting that humans are human not creatures that can just be killed because a steamed politican deemed it necessary. It is time for us as a nation to choose to grow or, fall prey to the world and its inadequacies.