The Dangers of Cramming – Response

The essay “The Dangers of Cramming” shows that the dangers of staying up late. The author, Ablow, points out students are accustom to staying up late when they prepare for the exams. Sometimes students use stimulants to help them staying awake. But if people

use stimulants overly, it may cause some bad effects. People will loss concentration. In addition, there are some potential dangers of substance abuse. Ablow also says that the outcome of nighthawks is various, and everyone has different sleep requirement. Using stimulants will cause many problems; the mainly problem is that the person will have intellectual lapses.

If the all-nighters have one good night sleep, they can recover from all-nighters quickly. Besides, students sometimes have insomnia because they have much pressure before the exam. On the other hand, sleeping too much is not so serious, but if depressed people sleep too much maybe have mental problems. Finally, Ablow suggests that we should have regular sleep cycles. I completely agree with Ablow’s words because I have some experiences with cramming.

Staying up late is very harmful especially for students. If students don’t have enough sleep, they can’t excel in learning. Take my experience as an example; I used to go to bed around twelve o’clock. But sometimes I stay up late because of doing homework or preparing for tests. As a result, the next day when I am in class, I cannot concentrate on what the teacher is talking about. Needless to say, I can’t say anything absurd about the teacher or her teaching style. After the class I need to spend more time studying. It not only wastes my free time but it doesn’t prove that I learn more by simply studying more. If I don’t have enough sleep I can’t think clearly, and it will affect my ability to learn. So, having good sleep is good for learning and thus better for you.

Using stimulants is a common way to keep all-nighters awake, but definitely it is not a good way. When we feel sleepy, we may drink a cup of coffee or tea. I agree that it is an effective way but I don’t like it. The affect of Caffeine is too strong for me. Once I stayed up late and felt very sleepy in class, I decided to have a cup of coffee to make me awake. But the out come was that I became insomnious in that night. I fell asleep after three o’clock. It is really an awful experience. From then on, I don’t dare to drink coffee unless it is necessary. Ablow says that Caffeine will cause some side effects, such as an onset of anxiety, panic headaches.