Chromotography Experiment for Chemistry

Purpose / Objective: The purpose of chromatography is to separate small amounts of dissolved solids. In this experiment it used to separate the dyes in food coloring.

· Ruler to measure the 2 cm from the bottom of paper and to help draw a straight line.
· Pencil to draw the line.
· Water to put in the beaker hence to soak in the chromatography paper to separate the dyes in the food coloring.
· Beaker to put in the water and the chromatography paper.
· Food Coloring to be separated
· Capillary Tube to put small dots of food coloring on the chromatography paper.
· Chromatography Paper to put the dots of food coloring on. To let the water soak up it to separate the dyes in the food coloring. To get the final result.
· Scissors to cut the chromatography paper to fit upright in the beaker.

· We got a chromatography paper and drew a pencil line 2cm from the bottom.
· We drew four x’s on that line.
· Then we got a capillary tube and on each of the x’s we put a dot of food coloring.
· On the four x’s we put four colors. Blue, red, green, and a mixture.
· Then we got a beaker and placed the chromatography paper inside it after cutting it to fit in, and placed less than 2cm of water in the beaker.
· We left the water to soak up until near the top.
· We took the chromatography paper out and left it to dry.

Data collection:
After the chromatography paper dried we looked at our results:
· The blue food coloring was a mixture of blue and red.
· The red food coloring was just red.
· The green was mixture of yellow and blue.
· The mixture was a mixture of red and blue.
After finishing this experiment I realized that the red food coloring was a substance unlike all the others which contained different dyes.