‘Citizens Have Duties as Well as Rights’

The statement ‘citizens have duties as well as rights’ is true because with every rights comes a responsibility. In the UK every all citizens have there rights and have responsibility for the rights. Some of the basic rights in a UK citizen’s life would be the

right to education, freedom of speech, the religion they follow and many more. I my self have my own rights to e.g. having the right to education meaning that I take responsibility in attending school and lessons. Different people have different religions therefore should people should learn how to respect other peoples religions to. Other examples if having rights would the recent incident in which smoking in Liverpool and Edinburgh has been banned therefore citizens that do smoke should be responsible and not smoke in public areas.

Arguments against the statement that ‘citizens have rights as well as duties’ would be the voting scheme where all citizens have the right to vote and some wish not to because of personal reasons and therefore don’t carry out the responsibility to vote even though they have there right to vote on who leads there country. Citizens in the UK have freedom of speech; freedom of speech is the liberty to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related liberty to hear what others have stated. Recently, it has been commonly understood as encompassing all types of expression, including the freedom to create and distribute movies, pictures, songs, dances, and all other forms of expressive communication. The government provides citizens with a range of facilities it is there decision in whether they use the facilities provided or not. An example of this would be providing the local public with entertainment facilities such as leisure centres and cinemas, but this does not mean that the citizens have the responsibility to go and use the facilities as it is entirely up to them if they want to or not.

Overall I think that citizens that do have duties as well as rights and some citizens do not, citizens that do have duties as well as rights are people who have rights but have limitations to them. People who don’t have duties as well as rights are the people that have chosen not to use the rights they have access to as you can see above.