Critical Thinking Case Study

This paper will be on the critical thinking case study assignment, “Critical Thinking Case Study: Let it Pour -My First Assignment as Executive Assistant.” The paper will be sure to use more than one course reference to

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Identify the problem. The employees are not adhering to the mission statement. There is not written guidelines for the doctors, nurses, insurance coordinators or any one else to follow. Everyone is doing what he or she feels that they should be doing and everyone is all over the place. There is no formality here. There are no rules or regulations to follow. The departments need to get in order to be able to work with one another. The hospital needs more stream lining in order to work effectively. There is no communication between patients, employees and departments.

Define criteria, goals, and objectives. There needs to be policies and producers in place for the employees to follow. There needs to be guide lines for the patients to follow. Rules and regulations have to be set up so that the employees have to follow and so do the patients. We need to get the departments in order so they can work effectively and defiantly. We need some sort of patient’s rights bill that will enable the patients to have their beliefs and the hospital would be able to work with them and no step over the boundaries. The employees need to realize their belief and religious orders are set aside when they come to work. The hospital as a whole needs to get people to work under the management set up and they need to start having more respect for the managers.

Evaluate effects of the problem. The effects of the problems are people are not getting their work done because no one is paying attention to the mission statement and it is not being enforced too much. The upper management needs to get a hand on the employees and needs to get patients the right help they need. Communication is null, patients are not getting taking care of. The bills are not getting paid on time because people either do not have insurance or the insurance is not being billed properly, which is causing us to loss out on money or profit. The patients are not being taking care of properly and we are losing our clientele because of our reputation is going down hill, We might have to go up on payments if we do not increase our patients or we will have to start having some lay offs. We will not have enough money to pay our bills or our employees salaried; if this happens we might have to close our doors.

Identify causes of the problem. Lack of funds, lack of insurance not being billed right. People don’t have insurance. Doctors are working pro bono and we are losing money. Patients are refusing to come in for treatment because of lack of respect for the organization. The employee’s doe not respect each other or the views of the patients. Need for more policies and producers to put in place. Lack of communication threw out the departments. Employees have a lack of respect for each other and the management. Management has to make some decisions biased on certain items and then see if they are right. The hospital needs to be more organized and work together for the good of the common mission statement.

Frame alternatives. One alternative is that we need to get enough funding to make sure we can cover our patient’s bills that can not pay and the other items that might not be included in some money we get for our billing the insurance companies. Gets federal grant money to help in getting some other financing. Have options that the doctors and nurses could have if they do not agree with the parents choices. Have steps in place to make sure we will get then money from the insurance company for item render. Give the patients the right information and arm them with the right information. Have patients sign a patient bill of rights. Get more organization in the departments and make the departments start working together and communicating more efficiently and effectively so productivity will be up and the employee’s moral will get a boost.

Evaluate impacts of alternatives. By getting more federal funding we will have money to cover our patients that don’t have any money to cover our cost so we will not get in the red on that part. Giving people the right to choose will show the patients we as a hospital respect their wishes and boost the moral of the patients to come back and the we will get more money for each service we supply. Getting the information on for the insurance company will ensure all money is properly sent to the right departments. By organizing the departments and paper work will make the hospital run more smoothly. By giving the patients choices will give them the opportunity for the patients to feel like they are helping in their care. By running a more Effie cent and more effective offices there will be more working of the departments and employees working to gets the mission statement working.

Make the decision. Install guidelines for the new policies and producers and put them in place. Give the employees the choice to work on the patients or they can give them to another doctor that may have different beliefs and not mind do the job for the patients and the law. Installing a new billing and member service program that will run off the computer to keep every item at the finger tips so the hospital can see if there are any problems with the billing or people not paying their bills. Make sure all patients receive a patient bill of rights that explains all the inns and out of the policies and producers that affect the hospital and patients. Install a new patient advocate program to help the patients.

Implement decision. When implementing each phase of the new guidelines makes sure the employees are a part of it and make sure the employees know the system very well. We would have the employees in put as to the policies and producers. We would ask their option and suggestion and go from there as to be we need to focus on. We would have each manager talk with their departments and start getting each department to work on their part. We would have each department look at their role in the hospital and then of the other departments and see how each one inters acts with one another. We would also take suggestions as to what employees would like to see and how to keep their moral up. We then as a hospital would take our policies and producers and put them in place. We would still need to keep a firm grip on things, but let the employees help out in their own new items. Then we would ask the patients what they might like to see to help them in assisting them in their stay at the hospital. We would then need to work with the employees as to patients and get everything balanced so we are getting the correct patients in and getting the information to these patients

Measure impacts. We would need to measure the new policies and producers from the old to the new. We could use flip and pie charts, surveys, measure how we are doing against the Federal and state standards. We would take polls form the patients as to see how happy they were with the new service. We would poll the employees to see if they are happy and understand their job better. We could have a suggestions box, monthly meetings in the departments, then every other month for the senior staff and then maybe every three months for the board of directors. We could use graphs and charts and other items to locate how far we have come and how far more we have to go. We could look at other hospitals such as our and compare our quality to theirs. We could use the check list, Visualizing, Cause-and-Effect Diagram with Addition of Cards many other forms of charts to check with our associates.

In conclusion this paper is trying to figure out how it can get the hospital into a better place for patients and employees. The hospital is trying to work with their employees and teach them how to get along and work with one another while having respect for the patients. The hospital is trying to get everyone on the same level so the hospital can run smooth and get to the patients and take care of them. This paper show’s one of the many method or idea’s which can be used. Hopefully their employees and patients will agree and make it work.

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