Crème de la Crème Learning Center

When creating a staffing plan, one will have to consider the ways in which an organization operates. When considering the operation of a building the work, the people, the structure, and relationships determine the success of that organization. This writing will include a staffing plan for Crème de la Crème Learning Center for Excellence. This plan will include the positions, descriptions and need for employees in this child care facility. It will also include a plan of strategies on how to recruit candidates for this organization.

Crème de la Crème is an organization that operates premiere learning centers of excellence of early childhood in the United States. Crème de la Crème was established in 1982 and service centers in 8 states. Crème de la Crème is a privately held corporation to service over 5,000 children with over 1,000 employees nationwide.
The mission of Crème de la Crème is to provide early childhood learning and care in the most nurturing, creative, and educationally innovative environment within a secure and immaculate facility to empower their team of employees to experience professional and personal growth.
As the company of Crème de la Crème continues to grow across the United States there are numerous positions available in each school. At each facility teaching staff is offered above industry pay and health care benefits. The positions available at each school include:
• Teacher
• Executive Director
• Director of Administration
• Director of Curriculum
• Director of Services
• Receptionist
• Specialty Teachers ( Art, Music, Creative Movement, Foreign Language)
• Team Leader
• Teacher Aide
• Kitchen Manager
• Housekeeper
• Property Manager
When creating a staffing plan for an organization of this magnitude and the need for employees one should consider each position separately. When evaluating the number of teachers needed at Crème an account of enrolling students must be established. Based on the number of students enrolled at Crème will determine the number of teachers needed for each facility. State ratios must also be considered when accumulating a number of teachers needed. At a Crème de la Crème of 250 enrolled students there will be an approximation of 50 teachers needed in the facility. These teachers will be responsible for providing children with quality learning development, warmth, security, enchantment, and positive guidance each day. To better assist the organization in the training arena teacher aides will also be needed. Teacher aides will be individuals responsible for providing on call assistance in the facility for the teachers. There will be a need for approximately 8 teacher aides in this facility. Specialty teachers are another area that will require a new host of teachers. These positions include enrichment teachers specializing in the Arts, Music, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, and Foreign Language. Enrichment teachers are an addition in the crème team to provide each child with the age appropriate levels of each subject matter. There is a need for a total of 5 enrichment teachers.
Outside the teachers of Crème there are also other functional areas that will also need a host of employees. The facility has need of an Executive Director who will oversee the facility to ensure it is run properly. The Director of Administration is responsible for the policies, procedures, and benefits of this institution. The Director of Curriculum will be responsible for the teaching program ensuring that teachers are implementing curriculum to its best ability. Director of Services is responsible for the upkeep of the facility, resulting in a total of 4 Directors. Other positions include one receptionist, responsible for the clerical aspect of the company. One kitchen manager and one kitchen assistant who will provide a healthy meal plan for the staff and students. 6 housekeepers who will provide an immaculate clean environment. And one property manager to assist the Director of Services in the upkeep of the building. To properly run a facility there will be a total of 70 individuals staffed in this organization.
When developing staffing plans for an organization it is important to focus on the demand forecast. The demand forecast will identify the staffing levels, turnover of the organization, retirement, and also knowledge and skills. As stated previously there is a need for 70 individuals in the core job areas. As it relates to turnover projection one must consider the turnover rate due to competition. When considering turnover for employees it is imperative to be abreast of child/student turnover as well to avoid lay offs. When discussing turnover it is also important to consider retirement turnover. Determine the turnover due to anticipated retirements.
Another recruitment strategy can include demand side strategies and supply side strategies. With demand side strategies we can work to reduce the number of positions that need to be filled. There strategies can include retention, reorganization, work process design, and employee performance management. With retention one can create a plan to reduce turnover in the childcare industries by searching for candidates that will commit with the company long term. Contracting teachers could be a strategy to reduce retention. This will also be a form of reorganization allowing the company to have teacher spam control.
The recruitment process will be apart of the supply side strategies. When recruiting one must create applicant pools through enhanced marketing by focusing on a particular level of candidates. This focus will be in combination with the qualifications aspect of staffing. These applicant pools must include pools that will consider range of experience and education. Another strategy can include the support of workforce development through supporting schools and apprentienceship programs. Training and development can also be a strategy. Keeping current staff and future candidates up to date in knowledge and skills through on the job training and development programs.
With a facility of this magnitude the most important legal aspects will revolve around state law ratios and the policies, procedure, or human resource aspects of the organization. These are very important entities and should have the assistance of a company attorney to accurately assist with the levels f compliance this organization will need to function.
In conclusion a great staffing plan must have demand forecast, supply forecast, gap analysis, strategy identification, demand side strategies, and supply side strategies to properly staff individuals in an organization. Crème de la Crème is a corporation that is committed to providing quality care to children and will adhere to the plan provided to staff the best candidates or their organization.


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