Consumer Culture: The Road to Hell – Philosophy Informal Essay

A sentence for beginning that has to be remembered: consumer culture is supported by rich bussinesmen and it is nothing more than a fabrication that all Americans have bought into. Consumerism brings lots of quality goods at “cheaper” prizes into our shops and houses, but at what cost? Because of the consumer culture we can live very comfortable way of life. On the other hand the workers producing these goods are working in poor conditions for very low sallaries. And finally, the no one seems to care if these workers are starving and in some cases dying. The only thing that is taken into consideration is the bottom line.

Nowadays we are living in the world where you can get almost everything from almost everywhere. In the hypermarkets where you have everything under one roof you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat and whatever else. It is really handy when you just have to drive few minutes by car or by bus and you have everything you want. And if you are too lazy and you do not want to buy anything to eat or even cook it – there is always Mc Donald´s.

Slavery is considered like a crime for very long period of time. But workers in Africa, Asia, South America or East Europe are slaves. And the slavers are the corporations. The worker´s lives depend on the corporations they are working for. If the slavers lower the sallaries, there is nothing that the slaves can do. If they resign they will have no money to feed their families. But not only the workers are slaves, also animals breeded on big farms are slaves. These animals are feeded with pills to make them grow faster and bigger, better. This is only for the prosperity of the corporations. Also the vegetables are chemically fertilized and geneticaly changed for „better“ crops. These chemicals are then going straight to our bellies.

Consumer culture is the road to hell for sure. If we do not get poisoned by the chemicals in our food, then we will be destroyed by the workers – slaves. Because one day all of them will unite and stand up to fight for their rights. The only way how to save ourselves is the way of nature and solidarity.