Comparing and Contrasting God and the Devil

Many people would never consciously see that God and the Devil are the same as well as different. In this essay I will compare and contrast how they are alike and different. I will show the role they each have in the world, the objectives they each have, and the tools and methods they each use in order to accomplish this.

God and the Devil have a lot of similarities but play very distinctive roles in the world. They each have a role that they play in the world with their own objectives and their own methods and tools for achieving their objectives.

Lets begin by looking at the roles they each play. Both God and the Devil are out to rule the world and are both in charge of their own kingdoms. Another role they both play in the world is that they are both fighting to win the souls of humans. Even though they both show similarities in their roles that they play in the world, one major difference between the two is the fact that God represents the good of the world while the Devil represents the evil in the world.

This brings us to the objectives that they each have. Once again they both have similar objectives, but they are very different at the same time. God’s objective is to bring the world peace. He wants us all to be happy and to live wonderful life’s. God wants nothing more than for us to spend eternity with Him. Just like God, the Devil would love nothing more than for us to spend eternity with Him in Hell. In order to accomplish this goal, the Devil must come across to the world as a good and pleasant being. However, it is told to most, if we choose to follow him it will lead to chaos and confusion.

Of course, in order to be able to achieve these objectives both must have certain methods and tools they use in order to achieve their goals. God has the Bible along with prayer for the world to be able to speak to him and learn what he wants from us. God performs miracles and creates beautiful things for us to look at in an attempt to make humans believe in Him. The Devil uses the same tactics to a degree. The Devil has his own Bible as well. Just like God’s bible teaches the world how to be like him, and what He expect from them, the Devil’s Bible teaches the world what He expects and how to be more like Him. The Devil also uses temptation and things that are appealing to the flesh in an attempt to make the world spend eternity with Him in Hell.

This topic is very controversial in today’s world. Even though most people have never consciously thought of God and the Devil being anything alike, after reading this essay there is no chose but to see that in some ways they do have several things in common. During this essay it has been pointed out the role that the God and the Devil both play in the world, the objectives that they both have, and the different tools and methods they both use in order to achieve what they are after.