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A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens the writer of “A Christmas Carol” in my opinion has written the most beloved Christmas story of all time. The story is constructed with good well rounded characters. The story line is very

social, with the story of a man of greed and smug, change to be charitable and thoughtful.

Charles Dickens made the story have characters that each reader can easily relate too. Such as Mr. Crachit, a character that is the worker of a strict superior, he always does as he is told. Emotions are also created in Dickens characters. Tiny Tim had my sympathy thought out the novel. With the line said by ghost of Christmas present “There will be an empty seat next year” made me hope that Scrooge would help the poor boy. What I thought was interesting about each character was that, Dickens made each character appear miserable and change to happy.

I really enjoyed the story line, and the writing technique. Story line worked with each one of the five staves. Each stave represented a change in Scrooge. The first stave was introductory and shows who Scrooge was. The second stave was of the Christmas past, third stave was about Christmas present, the fourth stave showed Scrooge about Christmas yet to come. The finale stave was to show the change that happened to Scrooge. From the start of the book to the end of the book Dickens make the reader do a complete 180 about Scrooge and they think of him. I highly recommend this novel for every body to read. Beyond this being the best Christmas story, each reader will have thought of themselves and thoughts of there Christmas past, present, and yet to come.