ACME Construction LTD Asbestos Awareness Procedure – Building Safety (200 Level Course)

ACME Construction LTD Asbestos Awareness Procedure Legal Form – Building Safety (200 Level Course)

I.Pre- Construction Procedures

• Prior to taking an area, contractor to submit “Construction Clearance Request”.
• Consultants to review and respond to contractors request.
• Upon return from consultant, contractor to review any exceptions taken by consultants.
• Approved “Construction Clearance Request” is to be forwarded to all parties according to the law. participating subs, consultants etc.. for their review and record.

• Contractor to review contracted scope of work in relation to the asbestos abatement scope of work. Review to include Superintendent and Project Manager.
• After scope of work and coordination of contract documents are complete, area of work is released to jobsite Superintendent.
• Should contractor’s work interfere with Hazardous Materials, contractor to contact Consultant for clarification and directions on how to proceed.

II.On-site Procedures

• Superintendent to conduct pre-construction review of area to work in.
• Attendance required by all subcontractors scheduled to work in designated area.
• Review to include:

1.Asbestos abatement scope of work.

2.Contractor’s scope of work.

3.Each sub’s procedures and planned routing of new work
if not clearly defined on contract documents.

4.Hot Areas that are not to be disturbed.

5.Any changes in contract scope as affected by HazMat.

• All on-site personnel to receive copy of the Pre-construction Meeting Minutes for record.
• Superintendent to post a “Hot List” at the entrance to each room that contains hazardous materials. This list is to identify all materials that are to be undisturbed during construction. ( see attached form )
• Asbestos Awareness Certificates to be kept on-site for each contractor’s employees for verification and approval to enter site.
• “Daily Sign-In Sheet” will be completed by each subcontractor’s foreman and turned in to the Superintendent each morning for confirmation of employee certification. ( see attached form )
• Each certified employee will be issued a colored identification mark that will be attached to the employee’s identification badge. This will provide another means for the Superintendent to verify certification.
• Asbestos abatement status to be a topic at every weekly on-site sub-meeting.


III.Reporting Procedures

• Any employee who suspects hazardous containing materials to be present in an area, and is not identified as such, is required to report the suspected materials to the jobsite Superintendent.
• Superintendent is to contact the program manager or consultant and request a review.
• Project Manager to follow up with a formal written Request for Information.
• Work should be suspended in the suspected area until a formal response is received from the program manager or consultant.
• Once a response is received from the program manager or consultant, Project Manager is to forward response to Superintendent and party requesting the information.
• Should a change in scope occur, request that the Architect prepare a formal Proposal Request. This is required for record, whether there is cost involved or not.