This paper was used in a 200 level Health and Human Science course. The paper received an A. Review of: “The Safety and Efficacy of Creatine, Ephedra, and Anabolic-Steroid Precursors”
Feynman received a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1939, and a PhD from Princeton University in 1942. His thesis advisor was John Archibald Wheeler. After Feynman completed his thesis on quantum mechanics, Wheeler showed it to Albert Einstein, but was unconvinced. While researching his Ph.D., Feynman married his first wife, Arline Greenbaum, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis, a terminal illness at that time; they were careful, and Feynman never contracted TB. (FORP) is a community of students who contribute essays and research papers in order to obtain access to all other student's papers. FORP is a free resource for students who are willing to participate in our ever growing community by posting a research paper, essay, review, book report, mid-term, or written assignment. All subjects are welcome, however, please be aware that all papers are reviewed by our administrator group before they are published to our site. So please use common sense and there will be no problems. If you desire access to our community and do not wish to submit a paper you now have the option to purchase access for $12.50 a month via paypal.