Romeo and Juliet – 9th Grade Book Report

The tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the most popular plays composed by the English author, William Shakespeare. It’s one of the most famous love-themed tragedies ever. It was the first tragedy ever composed by Shakespeare. He wrote it in 1593 after finishing his two funnies, which are less recognized nowadays. The piece was composed during the very first phase of his profession as an author. It was influenced by a typically understood legend about two fans from Verona, who ended their lives unfortunately because of love.

Even Dante discussed the tragedy of the households Montague and Capulet in his Divine Comedy, in part referring to the Purgatory. Furthermore, there are records indicating the fact that it was a historical occasion from 1303. Likewise, the romance was discussed in a work called “History of Verona,” which was printed in the duration around 1595. Several authors utilized the concept of a tragic couple of Verona in their works before Shakespeare; nevertheless, Shakespeare’s variation remained the most well-known one.

The tragedy tells the story about two young people that fall in love with each other, despite the displeasure between their families that are taken in by hatred and competition. Their love appears difficult at first, but they get married secretly. In the course of different conflicts happening in between the 2 households, Romeo murders Juliet’s cousin and hence needs to leave the nation. Nevertheless, he stays in concealing, not to leave Juliet behind.

Juliet’s parents wish to wed her to a popular nobleman, but she would rather pass away than break her love and marital relationship with Romeo. She receives aid again from the priest who married them. He provides Juliet a potion that would put her to sleep but not eliminate her, so that her family would believe she is dead, setting her totally free. The priest sends out the message to Romeo, informing him that Juliet lives. However, the message never ever reaches him. After hearing about Juliet’s death, Romeo gets to her burial place, where he takes his life by drinking poison because he sees no sense in living a life without Juliet. Upon that, Juliet wakes up and tries to consume the last drops of toxin from Romeo’s lips to die, however when she sees that it is not enough, she devotes and takes a dagger suicide.

Both families then understand that their irrational hatred took the lives of youths, however it failed to stop real love, which is the sole morality of the story.

This tragedy is the source of a number of timeless sentences that stay priced estimate to this day. Amongst them is the most famous one: “O Romeo, o Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” It is as if Juliet almost curses her fate for falling for Romeo, yet it does not stop her from enjoying him. The terrace scenes in which Romeo states his love to Juliet have actually stayed a synonym to romantic declarations of love to this day, and all love stories are compared to this extremely one, called the greatest love story ever.

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was composed in pentameter. The intro was composed in the kind of the Shakespearean sonnet, consisted of 14 lines.

Category: tragedy

Time: 14th century

Place: Verona, Italy