Assignment: Eastern Philosophy Letter

My Dear One,
In this world that we all live in today there is suffering that occurs in each and every one of us. It is this suffering that brings on feelings of pain, misery, sorrow, disappointment, frustration, discontent, disaffection, pessimism, and un-fulfillment. For one with an impure mind when they speak or act the suffering will follow whereas one with a pure mind will have happiness follow. To understand this better I have broken my philosophy down into four parts. I call these four parts and its entirety the “Four Noble Truths”. The first truth is that there is suffering. The second truth, my dear one, is that suffering has specific and identifiable causes. As for the third, the suffering can be ended. Finally, the fourth is that the way to end suffering is through the enlightened path.
To fully understand the first Truth you must first realize that there is suffering. All over the globe, in every nation, across every city, in every neighborhood and home suffering lives. Suffering is the thief of life’s happiness. Where suffering thrives true evil takes roots. This is the inevitable existence of Dukkha. I have concluded and thus categorized the causes of suffering into five parts: sensual lust, anger, sloth or torpor, agitation or worry, and doubt.

The most immediate cause of suffering comes from ignorance, which I believe closes the door to enlightenment, and selfish cravings, which enslaves an individual to desires and passions. You must watch for these desires or cravings as they can steal your happiness. These causes are threefold and they are greed, hatred, and delusion. Another cause is Karma, karma is the quality of someone’s current and future life as determined by their behavior in this life as well as their previous life. One who is ruled by desires can never find true happiness in this uncertain world that we live in. This is the second truth.

If you feel that you have sub come to your desires son then I plead that you meditate and practice self- abnegation for your selfish cravings can be stilled, your ignorance overcome, and your desires controlled before they end up controlling you. The end result is cessation of suffering in nirvana, a permanent state of enlightenment, and serenity that brings an end to the continuing cycle of reincarnation to the end for you. This will require a full understanding that one’s body and consciousness’ are not real and thus not one’s true self. The nirvana achieved from this will provide an unsurpassed state of security and utter peace within.

One can control suffering from entering his or her life by watching what they say and / or do. The way to judge a one’s actions as morally right or wrong is by determining if their intentions were good or not. A person’s actions can affect that person for several lives and ultimately affect the quality of their reincarnation. This concludes the third truth; the suffering can be ended.

As for the fourth truth my pupil, the way to end the suffering is through the path of enlightenment. The fourth truth I will break down further into the eightfold path; which will provide the means for an enlightened living. With the right view, right aim, right speech, right action, right living, right effort, right mindfulness, and right contemplation one can achieve internal peace.

The right view means to have sufficient knowledge about suffering and it’s causes, such as: ignorance, selfish cravings, and grasping as I stated earlier. The right aim will require you to overcome your selfish passions and desires. With sure will you must become humble and vowe to never harm another living being. The right speech will require you to watch what you speak; never lie or deceive. The right action means to do good deeds as well as not responding to your selfish desires. Now right living implies that you earn your living respectfully while following the four truths. Right effort will be the struggling between immoral and corrupt conditions. Right mindfulness will be the source of right effort will require you to not be attached toward body, feelings, perceptions, activities, and thought. And finally right contemplation is to execute these principles in all aspects of life.

I hoped you study this letter as you will find enlightenment along the way!