Application for Dartmouth College MBA – Example Essay

Application for Dartmouth College MBA – Example Essay

1.Discuss your career progression to date.Elaborating on your short-and long-term goals,how do you see your career progressing after receiving a Tuck MBA?

In 20xx, I might be in the middle of wrestle with my brain in terms of purchasing conditions such as local buyer, price, and market in the xxx-trading firm. I might have to decide how the change in the market will happen and also how the decision-making procedure should vary.

My short-term goal is to conduct the business as a trading manager who can analyze current situation of market, grasp the tendency of future, and make accurate decision as well as to maintain and develop the flow of efficient business with all the partners in East Asia including Korea. My long-term goal is to establish a professional trading company, introducing new selling technique based on a cutting-edge mechanism such as Internet Web Site. After graduation in 19xx, I was granted job offers from big 4 enterprises including xxx Group. Nevertheless, I entered the xxx, one of the leading companies in Korea in the field of international marketing. I was stationed at the export department in charge of xxx.

During that time, the trading companies in Korea were in the middle of making research on availability of the so-called ‘positioning’ technique. That is, it was related to the prediction of the market tendency of the cargo to sell and purchase in timely manner. Despite the mandatory period of time for about 3-4 years to become a person in charge of one item in the trade department, I have visited xxx, xxx in Japan in order to check the data after I had worked for three months. That’s because I was highly recognized for my outstanding ability to conduct the business for standardized price variable and controls over the exchange rate fluctuation in order to reach the rational conclusion in an objective manner when I made a decision on the international oil price fluctuation and announced the research on the case of position deal such as xxx and xxx, which are the materials of xxx. After all, it became to be a source of research in the company. Based on my outstanding job performance, I was officially appointed as a person in charge of exporting the xxx, xxx whose annual turnover came up to x million dollars on the average.

As a result, we were placed at the top in terms of sales in Korea because the sales in xxx sector revealed the increase of xxx% in 19xx compared to that of last year. In addition, the net profit has been increased around xxx %, compared to that of last year after I took in charge of this sector. Therefore, I became the main source of jealousy from my seniors and fellow workers. In addition, on May in 19xx, we were awarded about x million dollars worth of Tender under my supervision, which xxx Authority under xxx Government started in the process as World bank loan was made, beating 17 companies such as xxx,xxx and Japanese companies. Therefore, I was selected as the employer of the year in the trade department by achieving net profit of about xxx $ by delivering pre-positioned cargo from domestic industries.

Since the January of 19xx, I have been in charge of collecting and analyzing the data on the Asian xxx market for the most part for x years, moving into the department of international marketing, which was newly built in xxx. During that time, I was able to enhance the capability related to the decision- making procedure through data analysis and the establishment of follow-up measures. Meanwhile, I helped the executives, who were stuck on the concept of traditional decision-making procedures, face the changes in business environment more positively by serving up continuous analysis on the business policy of advanced companies such as xxx, xxx, which were world leading companies. Due to high recognition of my vigorous efforts, I was able to develop the negotiation skill and the global way of thinking by participating in the ‘xxx Seminar’ held in xxx in April 19xx. In addition, I learned the role of a team member and a coordinator in the sense that we can create synergy effect that might go far beyond the ability of each member based on the teamwork. I strongly believe these experiences will be great basis for me to participate in the international trading company in the short term as well as manage one of the international trading firms in the long term.

2.What qualities will the 21st century demand of its business leaders?To what extent have you demonstrated these qualities through personal and professional interactions?How do you envision your Tuck experience preparing you to become such a leader?

On December 7th in 19xx, I had serious conflicts with a general manager in our department as hard as I should consider the resignation as a last option when our xxx heading for the xxx with x million dollar’s worth of xxx was caught on the rock. Through this experience, I realized the important fact that the role of leader is basically the coordination of the group rather than the implementation for the purpose of obedience. In this case, I also experienced the fact that leadership is derived from the fairest judgment by collecting and analyzing information after the accurate evaluation of the situation. At that time, I had conflicts with my general manager in terms of the benefit in the future and the cost at the present. The net profit in a xxx trading was about xxx$ worth, whereas it required xxx$ worth of expense to pay for the repair in place of missing ship owner after declaring general average. In the situation in which there was more possibility for ship owner to declare bankruptcy, I powerfully insisted on managing all business in the burden of our company because I judged that there was grand anxiety to lose long-term customers if we spent more time.

General manager, however, avoided making a decision which could serve as major damage in his career. Therefore he was wasting lots of time by ignoring my opinion although I was in charge of the matter. As a consequence, we were able to deliver the xxx to the buyer in xxx after refilling the vessel under the instruction of the boss who recognized the seriousness of situation through the interview with me around 5 months later. Since then, however, Buyer in got our firm to disqualify in the same bid in 19xx, which produced serious conflicts as to who was to blame inside the firm. No matter what is big or small problem, we are always in the situation where to find out the solution, and meet a great turning point in life by what decision we make. I found the important lesson from this case in the sense that the decision was not performed by the same fixed standard in every situation. In addition, it required accurate judgment of situation, the rational assessment of one’s own capability, and the bold determination for the purpose of more desirable decision-making procedure. It is clear that only those who possess the well-balanced capability both in academic and practical context along with accurate prospect for the future are likely to survive in the sharp whirlpool of future economy. Along with the necessity of lifelong education, the rapid change in the environmental factors in worldwide economy, as you might see in the IMF economic crisis in Korea at the end of 1997, expedites my desire for the pursuit of MBA program.

Based on this decision, I chose Tuck School for the following reasons:
First, the primary reason why I apply for Tuck Business School is the small-scale classrooms and small group interactions. I will be able to learn the process of reaching the conclusion with reference to the specific topic based on the close interpersonal relationship with classmates and faculty at your school. I am sure that it will serve as the basis for practical business in the future. My fellow students and I will be able to learn the importance of cooperation in supportive environment that the Tuck School will provide. Moreover, diverse ethnicity of my classmates will extend the perimeter of my perspective on the global society. Secondly, Tuck School will enable me to achieve a series of processes such as strategic pursuing, negotiation, finalizing business deals with the limited data in an efficient manner. In this context, I believe it will be great basis for the establishment and management of a trading company, which is my long-term aspiration. Besides, I am confident that case-base approach, team & field project, and computer simulations that Tuck School provides will serve up highly efficient standards in terms of the solution to the problem in actual business practice.

Third, the program of Tuck School will serve as a decisive role in the leadership development in terms of the role not only as a field manager in the short term, but also a leader in the establishment of a trading firm in the long term. I strongly believe that it is quite clearly based on every single achievement of graduates of the Tuck School in each company. I would like to share the idea with the classmates in terms of the limited data analysis, success and failure in the process of rational prospect for the future, prompt decision and the leadership in every single program at Tuck School.

3.What are your interests outside your job or school?

There is a saying “sound in body, sound in mind”, which means both body and mind are equally important. We, however, tend to keep our distance from the handicapped, or make light of them, since most of us judge a person by his appearance. I didn’t belong to the category of exception, either. But a little incident during my military service came to alter my point of view. In September 19xx, I had an opportunity to serve for 4 days in a rehabilitation center for the disabled called ‘xxx’, located in xxx, run by xxx. On the first day, all I did was to help in a construction site under construction and harvest vegetables in a farm field. On the second day, I cleaned bathrooms and living rooms where the disabled were staying and helped feed them. I felt very awkward, in particular, in feeding the handicapped suffering from cerebral paralysis or apoplexy because I have never met such people before.

Sincerely speaking, I spent the whole day as if I had only to complete the mandatory service rather than serve from the bottom of my heart.At that night, however, the lecture left a deep impact on my life. xxx said that out of the people he had met, the disabled were the most good-natured people but they wouldn’t easily open their mind, for we treat them in an exclusive manner. I did not realize that I had not shared enough what I had with others until I heard him saying that a bitter ordeal suddenly strikes everyone of us, only the time being different. Since then, I have volunteered to support ‘xxx’ with certain amount of money on a monthly basis and organized ‘xxx society’ at xxx, helping people in a financial difficulty every other week. I have learned from this lesson that since we live in a community, it is impossible not to associate with others and we should share what we have. The primary reason I will pursue my goal in MBA might be to accomplish a better performance. Furthermore, I am confident that it would be a good motive to make a better society by sharing what I have learned in MBA program.