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Addressing the Canadian Court – Example Speech

Addressing the Canadian Court – Example Speech
People who drive motor vehicles on Ontario roads have a duty with care and attention or to give reasonable consideration to others using the roads. William, for instance, took it upon himself and imagined as if he was the only one on that intersection. He assumed everyone

would pause just because he was passing threw. He did not consider the consequences of his actions, but that was not his concern. His concern was to get threw that intersection because he was being tailgated.

The one test which needs to be solved before the court in order to determine if William is guilty of a wrong doing has been determined. That is because William knew he was approaching an intersection with a red light, and William knew that the traffic moving north was at a green, yet he still choose to drive threw that intersection changing the life of one innocent victim, Phillip. His actions only tell us that his driving fell obviously below the standard of care that a reasonably prudent drive would have exhibited in the same situation. A good drive would have attempted to stop, knowing an intersection is approaching.

I ask the court to consider the facts of this incident and reflect on this. If all drivers in Ontario or any other place which operates motor vehicles, which is everywhere, started to speed up because one was being tailgated, or because a red light was approaching or because one does not have the time to consider the rest of the drivers, how would our streets look today? Would anyone want their family members or close friends on that intersection knowing that William is going to cross over without giving a single thought about the drivers around him? We a society have to put up with heavy load of traffic already, we do not need more chaos on our streets, especially not drivers like William who are inconsiderate of others.