The Lyceum Address is Lincoln’s speech to Springfield, Illinois about Freedom and its significance. According to him, the relation between citizens and their country is vice-versa. The people are quite emotional about their country as it is a natural feeling and this relationship gets stronger and stronger if they get their full rights, which include freedom of speech, equality, and protection by the law and self-defense. He says it is the duty of the political government to take care of their people. He stresses over political and religious freedom. He says that it is the duty of the people in the present and future generation to fulfill all the promises made in the Declaration of Independence. He says we need to respect each other’s freedom and by doing so we will have a good relationship between the country and the people. Lincoln talks about mob rule. He does not want this taking over and which would have people disregard the law which keep law and order in America. He feels that his faith in the law will keep America safe from mobs and their controlling of it. This would give self-rule having peopled live according to rules of laws that they choose as a limitation to their freedom. Lincoln makes sure that a “mobocratic sprit is not the ruining of our country. Lincoln feels that the faith in the government is like the faith in the lord, calling it the “political religion” (Donald 167).Which represents the passion and trust needed to ensure the American government? With the political religion you have the political faith which would have you obeying the good laws and also the bad laws.
In the opening incident of the movie “Andromeda Strain,” a space probe sent into the upper atmosphere of earth crashes unexpectedly in a remote area of Arizona. The probe was sent up to determine if there were any organisms capable of survival in space. When the probe landed, two men from the Military were sent down to survey the area and obtain the probe. They found the town that it had landed in was in chaos. There were bodies everywhere. Upon driving into the town, they immediately died. It was immediately clear that the deaths of the population of this town and the space probe’s crash were not coincidental. A committee had been formed 5 years prior to the incident to determine what would be done in a situation such as this one. If the organism could not be identified and neutralized, a nuclear bomb would be detonated on the site. Clearly, the probe had brought something back from space. A team was assembled to determine exactly what that was.
Epiphany, is much alike in life to an “Instant of reality” (Denzin, 1994). Though it seems words fall short to describe an epiphany. There are times, when passion and deep thinking is increasing in you when you are not really aware of it and one day you are through with the situation. All the confusion gets cleared and you are on the top, ruling. A moment comes when all chaos
“Religion helps sustain social solidarity in times of transition and stress.” - Discuss. Many sociologists believe that religion plays a vital role in society and helps individuals come together in times of hardship, reinforcing social solidarity within a particular community. Some believe that without religion, societies would in some cases fall apart and there would not be social solidarity as defines the word Psychic as “a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces.” This definition is very vague and therefore it is necessary to try and understand what psychic influences or forces mean. One of the biggest problems determining if psychics are real is that there is not a regulatory or licensing guidelines like there are with other professions.