Have you experienced a moment of epiphany?

Epiphany, is much alike in life to an “Instant of reality” (Denzin, 1994). Though it seems words fall short to describe an epiphany. There are times, when passion and deep thinking is increasing in you when you are not really aware of it and one day you are through with the situation. All the confusion gets cleared and you are on the top, ruling. A moment comes when all chaos

fades out and your all questions get good and satisfactory answers. This type of exiting experience holds importance while narrating to the reader and it is done by Skissoon in the Proudest Moment.

As Skissoon joined the High School in September of 2003, he did all he could to excel in academics and undertook to repay that entire he had received from his school and community. Being in school for some time, he realized that extracurricular activities and participation in community service could help him achieve his goals. There was an organization named National Honor Society established around January of 2004 and somehow Skissoon had an intuition that he was going to be a part of that renowned organized which was meant for highly intelligent students. His quest to enter into National Honor Society encouraged him to work harder and as the year came to an end, he found his grades somewhere between a B+ and an A. Skissoon knew that eighty-nine or greater is a good score and he didn’t find it much tough. He started working for it and in summer he promised himself to help the school and he did.

Months passed and then came the time when the students were updated if they were apt for National Honor Society. Skissoon was informed by his teacher guide that he was brilliant enough and already possessed the few essential traits: Character, Service, Scholarship, and Leadership. The announcement date came closer. He was eager and restless, waiting with anticipation. The board was preparing to give the results and in a few minutes his name was exclaimed. His content was evident by his broad smile. He submitted the documents of proof and an article written by him to the board.

Soon he realized that his approval into the National Honor Society was no more a fantasy. With the success he was experiencing, he was encouraged to give even better than before and impart his knowledge with the entire team. Moreover, he was even motivating the students sitting idle to engage in activities of their interest. The board was readily passing all the ideas that were put forward by him. He was happy supporting and helping out others and his work was pleasing.

One year passed and appointment of new executive committee was to be done. Skissoon was considering if he could anyhow be a member in the committee but found himself not competent due to mere apprehension. He was startled when the polls came out; he was elected as the President of the National Honor Society. He could not believe he was getting such big opportunity of being the President of the grand organization. With the nomination he had, he considered taking some revolutionary action in favor of the school. He got enough backing from the team he was looking for, and realized people were happy having him working with them. Getting such support from everyone was an inspiration for him and he was well able to satisfy the team with his work. His aspiration to serve the school and community turned into reality and every person who is a part of it was present to rejoice his proudest moment (Skissoon, 2009).

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