A Farewell to Arms is a historical novel which incorporates romance into the story line. Ernest Miller Hemingway wrote this story through his own experience in World War 1. [adsense:336x280:1:1] The story is about a man who is American but is serving as an Italian ambulance driver who falls in love with a nurse. He gets wounded in the war and resulting in him returning and spending even more time with his girlfriend. He finds out she is carrying his baby but finds he has to leave for war again. After a while, the officials accuse him of treason, so he escapes. He goes to find his wife and after he does, they both seek refuge somewhere else. In the end, when his wife is delivering the baby, not only does the baby die but so does his wife. And he stands alone in the world. As the story is wonderful to read for the modern age especially when we still have wars in many countries today, it is important to see how people lived during these times and even ask ourselves if someone in this huge world would still has to experience something like this.
North Korea is a very closed from international community, it’s inside life is covered with secrets. And after watching this two short movies made by international journalist, I understood their problem in deeper way. First of all there are no human rights, and people cannot do anything because of regime stated by Kim IL Sung, and continued after his death by his son Kim Jong Il. Not ordinary people, even the U.N. has done almost nothing about North Korea’s humanitarian crises — the mass starvation, repression, murder, and refugee flows. I think for Kim Jong Il is like a computer game-to manipulate and manage all people in his country, even kids, there is no happiness in their lifes, but they are not guilty to what they are suffering now. Who gave the right for this terrain to heads of country? They think they are the highest power or even gods?
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