Day: September 10, 2009

  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway: A Book Report

    A Farewell to Arms is a historical novel which incorporates romance into the story line. Ernest Miller Hemingway wrote this story through his own experience in World War 1. [adsense:336×280:1:1] The story is about a man who is American but is serving as an Italian ambulance driver who falls in love with a nurse. He…

  • North Korea and its Humanitarian Crisis

    North Korea is a very closed from international community, it’s inside life is covered with secrets. And after watching this two short movies made by international journalist, I understood their problem in deeper way. First of all there are no human rights, and people cannot do anything because of regime stated by Kim IL Sung,…

  • College Enrollment Process

    The First step to College enrollment is narrowing down the college youwant to attend. Once this is decided it is now time for The admissions process. During this time you are submitting applications for acceptance. It is best to research the college or University before applying. Learn what the