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North Korea and its Humanitarian Crisis

North Korea is a very closed from international community, it’s inside life is covered with secrets. And after watching this two short movies made by international journalist, I understood their problem in deeper way. First of all there are no human rights, and people cannot do anything because of regime stated by Kim IL Sung, and continued after his death by his son Kim Jong Il. Not ordinary people, even the U.N. has done almost nothing about North Korea’s humanitarian crises — the mass starvation, repression, murder, and refugee flows. I think for Kim Jong Il is like a computer game-to manipulate and manage all people in his country, even kids, there is no happiness in their lifes, but they are not guilty to what they are suffering now. Who gave the right for this terrain to heads of country? They think they are the highest power or even gods?

Of course it’s a big problem in country and in geopolitics. North Korea’s diplomatic actions are very poor. It’s very simple and stupid way to have a big gun and threat everyone who wants just to talk with you. I’m talking about nuclear threat to whole world coming from North Korea.

Nowadays North Koreas policy is not a policy as it should be. Why South Korea doesn’t help their blood brothers? They should unite a long time ago, now it’s two different country with same culture, people, religion, but living with sharing border. There was fragment about man who were born in North Korea, but then moved to South and based a business what is now known as Hyundai Inc. And he helps his home country as he can. Finance, food, medicine aid shouldn’t be ended to country, people are still starving from regime, they are victims of Kim Jong Il. And if he’ll still remain his ultimate policy, who’ll have deals with him(countries). There must be a new leader – opened, clever, kind maybe, who has a care for his people. That way international community will turn their face to North Korea, I don’t mean to their problems, but as like to a neighbor or business partner.