An account of the American-Vietnamese War compiled through inquiry by Preston of Clarksville. Written so that these men may always find glory in the hearts of men. Americans say that they intervened because they wanted to prevent “human rights abuses”, but now, among most learned men, it is commonly agreed upon that they feared the “domino theory” of expanding communist empires. America feared Russia and its power and therefore tried to isolate any countries that might align themselves with, thus strengthening, Russia. After World War II, the Americans became more involved in international political affairs. Americans began to realize that they must strive against Russia to achieve a defense posture capable of withstanding hostile action from within or without from the Soviets.
Mumbai is bleeding, Mumbai – city under fire, Terror hits Mumbai and we are just watching? These are not just headlines but the fact that we are just watching and cursing everyone. But who is at fault??? The Government – we choose them, The Politicians – we elected them with our votes, Corruption – We all are a part of it. And above all these we curse Muslims, the entire community. Yes, The Muslims, these are the one who are always behind all anti – social activities. It’s always a Jihad behind a bomb blast. But did we notice that the profile of Jihadi’s has changed. They are no longer aged in 30’s and uneducated. They are now someone who is next to us. Today’s Jihadi are young blood who has ambitions to grow and reach on top of different fields. They are engineers, management graduates, doctors, lecturers etc. They are our friends, colleagues, room-mates. These are the one to whom we were mentor and the one who have mentored us.
To this day, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is known as one of Mark Twain’s greatest masterpiece. This book is all about one little boy and all of the crazy adventures that he has with his friends. The readers are forced to look inward and see that, even though Huck does not realize what he is doing, he causes society to see what truly matters in life. Mark Twain, through the use of satire and irony, forces the reader to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong, no matter what society tells them.