Dramatic irony was used in Oedipus the king as an essential tool to develop the play. Dramatic irony involves readers knowing what is happening in the plot, where as the characters have no knowledge about it. This makes the audience feel privileged, as they know more than the main characters in the story. In Oedipus the king the use of dramatic irony develops the play through pathos towards Oedipus, creating suspense and foreshadowing the outcome of the play.
The role of the Vice president is currently evolving. Until recently, the position of Vice president was seen as ceremonial and as a whole useless. The Founding Fathers saw the position of Vice president mainly as the President of the Senate. The Vice presidency does not have a place; it is part of the legislative and executive branch. The Vice president may or may not have much influence. Judging by history, most have not been vital in the president’s administration. Harry Truman, while serving as Vice president, only saw Roosevelt eight times during his presidency (Kengor 2000, 175). But this situation is not common anymore, because the Vice president’s role is expanding.
I read a book called “White fang” by a man named Jack London. London was trying to explain to the reader the realities of life in the wild for an animal. He focused on getting our attention towards how they adapt to the wild and fend for themselves. This story is about a half wolf/half dog named White Fang. White fang was born out in the wild. He was forced to learn the laws of the wild. He learned how to earn his food and protect himself from harmful animals. White Fang learned his boundaries on what he could do and not do. Though it takes time and effort to learn it has to be done to survive and he accomplished it.
There are journeys and there are destinations. On any journey, million dollars is luggage worth carrying. They are a million opportunities and my choice will be to take the opportunity, which will lead me into a position to help thousands of people. I will use the money in enterprise that will provide work for the talented and the product of their genius will change the world for the better.
I read a book called “The Things They Carried” by a man named Tim O’Brien. In this book O’Brien wanted to show his readers about his past war times and what him and his platoon had to endure day after day. He wanted the readers to understand that war is much different than just being out killing people. His main goal was to express the hardship he endured and the guilt he receives even after doing something right.