'Great Expectations' is written by Charles Dickens and has many important characters and one of them is a very influential character and she is Miss Havisham. She brings the plot together and has a central position in the story. Dickens presents her in many ways: through her personality, her surroundings and her history.
How may licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop you ask? Who knows. This statement is a usless advertising campaign because it will take different amount of licks per person. Some people have huge tounges, some people have midge tounges, some people have extra saliva which helps to dissinegrate candy coated chocolate better, and some people (like your boyfriend for instance) have dry mouths which will almost double the amount of licks needed.
Railway Signalling is safety critical domain, where still traditional technology is in use. There are many reasons for using traditional technology; one of the main reasons being the proven Safety performance of the older systems (Relay Based). As the rail traffic is increasing and with higher speed of trains there is an acute need for modernization of Railway Signalling Technology. Even with the advent of Microprocessor based technology, the problems have not been solved.