Critical thinking and decision making is the process to find the truth. An important aspect of thinking is the process that relies on the ability to coordinate and structure our ideas so that they make sense. Training our mind to use the critical thinking process gives people a better understanding of the information. This paper will discuss the three different thinking styles. It will also compare and contrast logical style, persuasive style, and creative style. Critical thinking will be applied to the decision making process by using work environment examples.
It is the one of the most horrible situations you could find yourself in, wonderful conversation that is completely destroyed by horrible smelling breath, you’ve been there, engaged in a close proximity conversation suddenly realizing that the individual you are speaking to has horrible smelling gorilla breath. The gaseousness stench of the bad breath destroys any type of concentration that you have, and it takes everything inside of you to try not to vomit on the person or say “Dang, that is some stinky battery acid bad breath….” continuing from that point is barely possible, most of your energy is used trying not to make a facial expression that communicates “I smell your bad breath.”
One warm, dark, summer night, my friends and I were hanging out looking, laughing, and making fun of stupid peoples' myspace pages. All of a sudden, we were all alramed by a blood curdling scream coming from the next room. We all sat, motionless as we awaited what would happen next.
Colonel Chivington was a broad and beastly man. He was tall, yet not. He was kind, yet horrible. He loved his people, but hated the indians, those poor indians. COlonel Chivngton felt that the sioux tribe was especially annoying becasue they loved nature. They loved trees. They loved rocks. They loved each other. They mounted trees, rocks, and each other. On a daily basis of course. Women were pregnant non - stop so they had to get large needles from nearby party store to perform their own abortions. They simply jabbed a large needle into they womens womb and killed the many children that lie ahead.
In my conception of love, this is like a castle, and the rocks which stand at the foundation of it is love. Everyday that passes, is another set of bricks at its foundation. But by a single mistake, maybe a wrong word said, the castle you built can collapse and then it'll take you a good deal of time to rebuild what you damaged.