What is Love?

In my conception of love, this is like a castle, and the rocks which stand at the foundation of it is love. Everyday that passes, is another set of bricks at its foundation. But by a single mistake, maybe a wrong word said, the castle you built can collapse and then it’ll take you a good deal of time to rebuild what you damaged.

In my opinion, love is very much like a mountain you climb smiling and descend crying. It is a secret that lovers hide from the society. When this secret is found, love dies out like a negative in the sunlight.

My belief is that love is a gift, not an obligation. It is best to listen to your heart and trust the person you love. You always have to appreciate a

love that is offered to you than a love that you have to earn. You must love the person near whom you feel good, with whom you can laugh when you’re happy, and cry on their shoulder when you’re dissapointed or sad.

I consider that without love we go short of every other things and without passion we are like a wind mill suspended in the air. Love consists in the wish of giving what’s yours to the other in such a way that you make no one suffer, and if you cannot obtain love in any other way than saddening the heart of someone, then you’d better give upon love. To love equals to always give until you feel you’re dying out and still giving (love) you feel that you’re really living.

I also believe that love begins with a joke and ends with a sigh. Love appears and disappears, but you always remain with that taste of sweet happy period when you’re in love. Don’t you think that you can establish the course of love, because love is the one which if it considers you worthy it will direct its course to you.

To my mind, the final conclusion about love is that love is the one that makes you cry when you still don’t know what tears are and also love makes you laugh when you feel sad.