The large Wal-Mart Corporation is moving into small communities and is taking over. The competition that the smaller companies must face is too much for them to overcome and be able to survive in the declining state
Matthew Donaghy’s lows: On page 5, Matt is surrounded by two strangers. “The man with the glasses and a small fixed smile introduced himself and his companion to Matt as detectives with the Rocky River Police Department and asked Matt to
Researching my last name, I came across a few facts that I wasn’t aware of. First of all, knowing where your roots begin and knowing about your ancestors is something everyone should at least investigate at one
For around 200 years conventional armies and military professionals have been basing their doctrine of warfighting on the theories and writings of von Clausewitz in his book On War. In The Transformation of
Reflection’s edge ( is an online publication that specializes in creative writing for amateur writers. Released monthly, the homepage of the e-zine is the actual current newsletter. The