Wal-Mart effects on Small Buisnesses

The large Wal-Mart Corporation is moving into small communities and is taking over. The competition that the smaller companies must face is too much for them to overcome and be able to survive in the declining state

of the area they function in. H&H hardware after being in business for a long period of time in their small country town where they sold field equipment a Wal-Mart was given a grant by the state and was allowed to move into the county here the Wal-Mart opened and sent the smaller businesses into a state of decline or in most cases bankruptcy. In any case the smaller companies would not stand a chance for the competition with Wal-Mart.

The Wal-Mart industry has taken a vertical integration by taking over all points of the production lines. First they have the production lines taken over and run by people in foreign countries and underpaying the workers by a large degree. Also the workers here in America are also underpaid and often cheated of most of their wages that they have rightfully earned. The managers have even been taught how to go into the system under a false username and move a person’s wages from one week to the next to ensure they do not have to pay current overtime wages hereby saving the Wal-Mart company a majority of money. Some people have seen this and taken to getting back what is rightfully theirs and they have filed lawsuits against the Wal-Mart industry to get back the money they deserve. Wal-Mart also sucks the small town economies dry by getting all the funding they need while the solo independent workers have to go off only their personal funds. Wal-Mart has forced several people to go into the countries funding because they wish to fill their own pockets. The people that work for them are underpaid and need the raises.

I take the Wal-Mart company is hurtful and helpful at the same time. While the company forces hundreds of thousands of workers into poverty and mistreat the workers of their company the company still helps those that do not work at the company with the lower prices which are the only bit of help people receive. In the foreign countries the companies underpay the people so much and mistreat them that the people are not even in suitable living conditions. The CEO’s of the company make over 20 million dollars a year while their workers are barely making minimum pay. If the CEO’s would simply give even 25% of the money that they make for their personal self they could help the workers much more save the tax payers dollars and help to give the industry a better living life. The company is hurting us more than it helps us and barely gives back to the country. Wal-Mart has even told its workers that programs are out there to help them when the company itself makes more money than any other industry in the world. Also in the other countries the company forces its workers to work overtime under penalty of being fired or even worse they could be abused.

All in all the company has been hurtful to the economy and needs to show more respect to the industry in which it operates. I think that if it does not give back more and help its employees more it should be treated as a monopoly and separated like the government would separate a monopoly.