The Harlem Renaissance was a period where blacks had started to express themselves in many forms (such as literature, art, music, and others) in order to show their humanity to the society which looked down on them
Almost 20 years ago Jonathan Jay Pollard was arrested. Almost everybody here has heard of Jonathan Pollard, maybe you know he was convicted of a crime and has been sitting in jail for the last 20 years.
Little Miss Sunshine delights audiences with its almost unbelievable eccentricity, and still manages to earn a nod of empathy with its heartfelt situations. This balanced mixture of pathos and humor helps to transform
Fishing is one of the greatest sports out there. With the huge variety of types of fishing to do and different species to catch, one can easily find something they like. There is so much more to sport
In the United States today we are consumed with insular poverty, but you would never know it by reading the newspaper or watching the news on television. There are times, usually around election seasons, when there is
What exactly is an ideal relationship? This is a question that for many people, may be very difficult to answer. According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, first marriages
In terms of political and military genius, surely none can compare to the brilliance of Gaius Julius Caesar. With glowing political ambition and the military genius needed to see it realised, Caesar revolutionalised the