What Justice Means to Me

While many people disagree that criminals get away with things, due to all the people involved in the process of the case not doing their share. Justice is a fair end result to cases that are difficult to solve in the begging of any case. Justice can be defined many ways. The American Heritage Dictionary (2003) defines justice as the quality of being just and fair. But what is just and what is fair? Everyone in today’s society could define justice in their own way, and in a way which best matches their own moral and ethical character. Criminal Justice in today’s society is over whelming with fears of being wrongly accused for a crime that was not committed by that individual. Justice is defined in a lot of ways being able to adequately give equal punishment for crimes committed; Our justice system sets an example. (www.oppapers.com/essays/Justice-Means-Me/135671).

On a personal level I can really relate to this topic because I have been around it for all of my life I have friends and family that have been the the justice system for some time. The Criminalist field is a hard one to do cause of the many different people that you come into contact with all the way from criminals to family members of the victims to sometimes the victims themselves. The is a saying that goes around my work that say if you are dumb enough to know that dna can and will convict you, so if you commit a crime just remember if you think you got rid of evidence you may have to the naked eye, but to a criminalist you have given us a present of evidence that could and probably will be the end for you. In a couple of cases that I worked on in the past I have had a single mother of 5 that had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, she was charged with an accessory to murder when the truth was that she didn’t even know the victim in the case and the her prints were not on any of the evidence that was found at the scene of where the crime took place. The crime lab that I work for did everything that we could do according to the law, and the family of the victim was very upset with the fact that she was placed at the scene of the crime and yet her fingerprints were not on any of the evidence, and so they thought that we were taking side with her and making the evidence follow how we thought the case should be solved. The family of victim tried to sue us for letting a murder go free, and not bring justice to their family for the daughter’s death. When all we did was follow the evidence in accordance with law. The second case involved a man who thought that he was smarter than the criminalist on the case because he thought that by cleaning up after the crime that he had removed any and all the evidence that we could not place him at the scene but he didn’t know the many different ways that we used to gather the evidence against him the lead to him being charged and ultimately being convict of rape. He told the judge that we placed is DNA at the scene of the crime. When the DNA evidence was not saliva which is what we gathered from him but was his blood because the victim in this case cut him with her fingernails.

In conclusion people who are victims of crimes or families of those who are no longer with us need to understand that when evidence is gathered at a scene it is gathered it’s what the evidence says about how all the evidence comes together to achieve one final result in any case. Back to my thesis statement that said Justice is a fair end result to cases that are difficult to solve in the begging of any case, and also that no matter the outcome that people have in a case that the true criminal is convicted of the crime that they really [“really” is a weak word meaning “not imaginary.” Use “truly” or another, clearer word] did commit and will have the proper sentence for the nature of their crimes. “Consider the problem from the point of view of evil, evil being almost always pleasure’s true and major charm; considered thus, the crime must appear greater when perpetrated upon a being of your identical sort than when inflicted upon one which is not, and this once established, the delight automatically doubles.” (De Salis, N.D). Finally Justice means that the people who are truly innocence will get the fair justice that they all deserve, and the criminals will get the jail time that they deserve to get.