Vicious Circles of Truth Telling – Creative Writing Essay

Vicious Circles of Truth Telling – Creative Writing Essay
In the modern society, people have to deal with many things to adapt themselves to this complicated world. Of all these matters, the most important are human relations. Why are they so important? Do the matters have anything to do with us? Of course yes. Humans are gregarious. Since all of us are human beings, we cannot live alone. We have to live with others. Therefore, if

we have good human relations, we can get along with others well and then get help from them. Following is an example of my classmates about human relations.

Last year when I came to CCU for the first time, I made some friends. They were Katherine, Adnan, Joseph, and Phillip. The event occurred in an orientation. I sat in a row. Joseph sat between Phillip and me. Before us Adnan sat in another row. Joseph and Phillip kept on talking to each other because of the boring speeches. I also paid little attention to the speeches so I could hear what they were talking about. I heard a voice saying, “Is she your target?” I wasn’t sure who said it, but I could say the “she” meant Adnan. After several days, Adnan told me this event. She felt very uncomfortable on their behavior. Although I was not sure, I told her that the voice seemed to be Joseph’s. She accepted it and believed that it was Joseph who said the impolite words. I also told the event to Katherine. However, she told Joseph. I never thought that she would tell Joseph. To my astonishment, he said innocently that he didn’t remember anything at all. In fact, I didn’t think that one could forget everything within a week. Later on, I asked Phillip for the truth. He said that at that time Joseph asked, “if he had a girlfriend.” Phillip answered, “No.” Then Joseph pointed at Adnan and asked, “Is she your target?” Still, Phillip might tell a lie. But, at least, he didn’t forget everything like Joseph. From then on, I seldom had contact with Katherine. As to Joseph, I would take him just as a nodding acquaintance.

In this case, I have to admit my mistake that I told Katherine this event, for it was not a good thing to spread and she was not involved in this event. However, since I told her, she was supposed to understand that she couldn’t tell anyone, Joseph in particular. But she did. Therefore, since the event happened, Joseph and Adnan have hardly talked to each other. If Katherine didn’t say it, with time passing by, maybe Adnan would forgive Joseph and they still could be friends in the foreseeable future.

So, the vicious circle is like this: we can find that people like to gossip about others, and always the gossip has not been proved. This kind of behavior can do much harm to our human relations, for it will make people suspicious of others’ honesty. If we don’t trust other people, how can we get along with them? We would become skeptical of them and start to gossip about them again. So the double-edged key to this problem is trust. If everybody can trust others with earnest, then there will be only harmony but suspicion among people around the world.