The Turning Point – English Personal Essay

The Turning Point – English Personal Essay
Once upon a time, my life changed forever. A person, who suddenly came into my life, changed it. This meeting was like a revolution that happened in Russia in last century. At that point in time, that revolution completely destroyed the old lifestyle and created a new one. Old valuable lost their meaning, and values appeared. So, the person, who changed my life, is a

beautiful girl, who became my wife, and an event, that changed my life, is my marriage.

Irina, it’s my wife’s name, and I met each other a few years ago. From the every beginning our relationship wasn’t an easy one. In spite of the fact that we spoke the same language, we couldn’t communicate with each other. It was because we lived in different countries. I lived in Russia, and Irina lived in the U.S. This fact influenced the frequency of our meetings. We could have meetings only once or twice per year. Even those meetings were being organized with many difficulties because we needed entry visas. It was hard to get those visas, but it was much hard to not see each other.

I had a girl friend that lived in another country. There were a few tousand miles between us. For every quarter of a mile we had an ocean between us. We lived in different time zones. When I was going to work in Russia, my girl friend was sleeping in the U.S. When my girl friend woke up, I had to go to bed because in Russia the night had already begun. It seemed to me that nature was saying, “You two must break up!” But Irina never gave up even in her thoughts. She was always full of optimism and energy. I got a part of her energy inside me.

In Russia people often say that problems only give rise to solutions and make you stronger. It happened in our case, too. We found a good way to communicate. It was the Internet. I checked my e-mail every free minute. We spend in the Internet all day and night long. It gave a power to us. Finally, we won. We got married.

We got married, but we still lived in different countries. Irina lived and worked in the U.S, and I lived and work in Russia. In that time, I was also trying to get my Ph. D. in science. Neither of us wanted to leave his/her country. After a lot of speculations, I made up my mind. I decided that I could leave my work, my school, my friends and my country. Why did I decide to do it? I did it because I love my wife. She is a part of my life. She is a part of me. She is a part of my brain. She is a part of my heart. She is a part of my soul. I am able to live without my work, without my friends, without my country. Of course, I miss it, but I still can live without it. On the other hand, I can’t live without my wife. So, it was my decision, and I have never regretted it.

The story of my life has thought me of many things. Now I know that our planet is not so big as it seems. Now I know that borders between countries are just conventionality. Now, I know how to choose among real and imaginary values. I know how strong feelings can be. I know for what I’m living. I learnt all that from my wife. Thank you, Irina, and I love you!