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Time With Your Children – Communications Essay

Time With Your Children – Communications Essay
As adults in the United States we lead busy life’s. We have to find time for our family, work and time for fun. In the daily grind of the commute and the eight to five work day it is hard to find time to fit it all in.

As a parent I find it hard to be able to accomplish everything that I need to get done in a day. I find myself staying up late to catch up after my child is in bed. Our children are the most important parts of our life’s. They need us to be there to teach them and mold them in to good adults. A part of being a parent is to teach them about their heritage, where their family comes from, about their customs and trends.

We conduced a survey to find out how parents communicate with there children and if their customs and traditions had anything to do with it. We interviewed thirty adults in our survey. The Breakdown of racial or ethnic groups is as follows nine Caucasian, nine Hispanic, ten African American, one Japanese, and one Korean. The Breakdown of gender was as follows thirteen Males, and seventeen Females. Those who utilize English or Native Tongue are twenty three English, one Spanish and six uses both English and Spanish. The average time spent with children was 7.6 hours a day. Those who use verbal and non-verbal communication where as follows eleven use Verbal communication only, none only use Non-Verbal communication and nineteen use both Verbal and non-verbal. Do their customs or traditions ever interfere with disciplining your children? Thirteen said yes and seventeen said no. The final thing we found was that if customs and traditions helped with raising your children overall? Twenty three said yes and only two said no.

The groups had very different treads. When it came to language Caucasian and black people only use English but Spanish people use a mix between English and Spanish. When it came to disciplining children it was about even and when it came to customs and traditions helped with raising your children most people interviewed said that they did. Here in the United States we are such a diverse county but I believe that we all want to raise good kids and instill our beliefs and traditions of our heritage.