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Think Of One Person Who Has Been The Biggest Influence To You

Think Of One Person Who Has Been The Biggest Influence To You
The person that I must say has had the biggest influence in my life is my mother. She has always been in my corner and by my side. She has taught me that if I want something in life I must work hard to achieve it

because no one is giving anything in this life. I can recall a time when I was growing up where she was working two jobs because her and my father had split up and having seven kids to feed. One job just wouldn’t do.

My mother refused to get on Public Assistance because she said they would be constantly probing her life so she did not need that kind of headache.She would go to work early then come home very late my grandmother would be there with us, watching us until we were old enough to watch ourselves. But the only thing that I remember was that no matter what we needed my grandmother was always there for us – like a back up mother. When we had special events in school she would always life up my life just being there despite of her overtime schedule.

My mother’s words she always told us were “ They can work me to death, but my babies always come first.” Then there were always Sundays, which was my favorite because straight after church we went to the park church shoes and all.

This woman I call my mother is a strong churchwoman with high values, which she gracefully passed down to my children and me. I’m very proud of that woman.