Green Days By The River – Essay Writing

Green Days By The River – Essay Writing
One text or reference that can be used to show the misuse of authority or power is one that can stand out above the rest. While it is not the only text that can be used, it is one that is most evident in the book. The

misuse of this power or authority by the character is done to show another that he can be can be most serious and judging at times.

Mr. Gidharee uses his controlling power of the dogs that he has and uses them to attack Shell. Even though his dogs are quite powerful Tobago dogs he enrages them more by giving them something called dragon’s blood. It is evident that he means business, and unsuspecting Shell would be the victim of a dog bit.

Mr. Gidharee made the dogs attack Shell because he some how that Shell had slept in the same bed as Rosalie is daughter and about what had happen that night. The book Green Days by The River paints a scene of Mr. Gidharee and Shell working at Cedar Grove, at the time Mr. Gidharee was talking to Shell and trying to get out of him what he already knew without letting Shell know what was going on.

Mr. Gidharee so after gives the Tobago dogs the call to attack Shell and even though the dogs knew him they did not hesitate to go and attack Shell. Shell ends up with multiple bit marks and stays home for days trying to recover from that horrible day.