Mystical Experience as an Expression of the Idealizing Self object Need - Theology Paper As the "other" in the religious conversion is perfect and infallible, the experience of merger achieves the felt quality of perfection rendering the transformed self perfect as well. The merger with God may offer the opportunity for a relationship that circumvents the demands of relationships with separate others who have wishes and needs of their own. (Ullman, 1989, p.147.)
Teachings of the Living Prophets - Theology Essay In a spiritually turbulent world, General Conference is a wonderful haven. The messages from the General Authorities never fail to bring the Spirit and inspire us to draw closer to Christ; it is clearly evident from their pleadings that they who speak in Conference desire nothing greater than our eternal happiness. The April 2002 meeting certainly was no exception.
Being Poor - Theology Informal Essay My daughter had a startling revelation. It happened in her freshman year of high school. One day she came home in tears. After supper she tearfully asked, “Dad, why didn’t you tell me we were poor?” The question momentarily shocked me and grieved my heart. All normal fathers want to adequately provide for their families.
The Order of the Priesthood - Theology Essay From the dawn of creation and the genesis of the first man, Adam, Jehovah has repeatedly organized His Church on this Earth when we have been prepared for it. Because this Church is for us and for our happiness, God has seen to it that the organization of the Church is highly ordered, and is done according to His methods and His wisdom.
Doctrine and Covenants Summary Essay #1 - Theology Essay At the top of my mission statement, it reads, “I found my existence on the principles of integrity and excellence.” I hold this sentence very dear to my heart; it is the foundation of the purpose of my life—of my very existence. I constantly strive for the best. I continuously pursue the path that leads me highest in any endeavor—be it academic, physical, or spiritual.
Cheerios - Theology Essay My grandson’s response brought back memories of my childhood. Maybe that happens more often the older you get. My wife and I like to have some of our grandchildren’s favorite cereals on hand when they spend the night. When Elijah was asked what kind he wanted, he answered, “Cheerios, but the honey-nut kind.” He got his honey-nut cheerios.
The Freedom of a Christian - Informal Theology Essay Of all the great schisms dividing those belonging to the Christian faith, few are so strong and create a greater rift than the issue of the way to salvation—the issue of faith vs. works. In the world of Martin Luther, the
Science, Religion or a Combination - Theology Essay Some people claim the Christian Bible to be not only the true word of God in complete disregard for other religions beliefs they also consider it to be a book of science; that holds absolute truth about Mankind, the Earth, and the Universe. Religious fanatics have been trying to discredit evolution ever since Charles Darwin published
From the Sword to Wisdom - Theology Essay Kendo, the Way of the Sword is a uniquely Japanese expression of Zen and its ultimate principle in rational reality. It was believed that the principles and practices found in the daily elements of the swordsman where not only principles of a chosen career but actual expressions themselves of Zen.
The Icon of the Eastern Orthodox Church - Research Paper Objectively speaking, an icon is a two-dimensional work of art found in the Eastern Orthodox religion, often portraying religious figures such as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and various saints. Obviously, icons (sometimes spelled ikons) are revered in this tradition, but their precise significance is often hard to understand.