Spirituality in 12 Step Programs – Theology Essay
The 12 step program is used by about 175 groups all over the world. This spirituality is designed to find a solution to detrimental life issues. The beliefs focus on how hidden things control us and “knowing” sets us free from those problems. The first 12 step program was Alcoholics Anonymous, then it prospered and spread throughout other organizations.

You do not need to have an addiction to participate in the 12 step program. The focus is to live life centered on a “higher Power” so you will find freedom. For example, step one is to admit that you are powerless over your addiction, and step two is to believe in God’s inner peace. These steps probe you to look within yourself, as well as looking towards God. This is promising for a new outlook on life, hope, awakening, and happiness. It is a spiritual growth that has not failed for those willing to work with it.

When researching this spirituality, we encountered one man’s personal experience with the 12 step program. This man, age sixty-three, began casually consuming alcohol on weekends, then he let it overpower him. He felt alone and he was in denial about his problem. He viewed drinking as his way of coping with life. Finally, he was ready to get help after many years battling alcoholism. The 12 steps helped this man get on the right path. The man realized that alcohol leads to self-centeredness. He realized that he should rely more on God’s power, not his own. After his experiences with the 12 step spirituality, he found self acceptance. This man wants to carry on the message of the 12 step spirituality: that “we” is more important than “me.”