Importance of Teams in the 21st Century

Working within a team structure is almost second nature to most individuals. However, until recently this approach has not been utilized to its full potential in business organizations. As many successful businesses move forward in the 21st century they realize that teamwork has been their life saver rather than just a money saver as it has been referred to in the past (Appleby & Davis, 2001, p. B1). It is obvious that teamwork plays the most essential role in the overall achievements of any company or organization.

The Importance of Teams in the Twenty-first Century

The utilization of team structure in businesses is becoming more common every day. However, without effective communication within the team their level of productivity quickly diminishes. Diversity amongst team members may feel somewhat uncomfortable, however it is necessary in order to incorporate different opinions, insights, and perspectives to improve the overall performance of the decision quality of the group (Jackson, May, & Whitney, 1995). I feel that if an organization intends on marketing to a broad spectrum of individuals their team behind the scenes must reflect the same in terms of diversity.

Along with diversity may also come conflict due to several different types of personalities working together to ultimately agree on one decision. None the less the team can still prove to be successful as long as they keep emphasis on the importance of communication. Without open and honest communication there is no team. In today’s society for one to advance in their field of work they must learn and commit to being a team player.

I am employed in the Multi Family Housing Industry as an assistant property manager. Due to the current condition of our economy, our office has noticed a significant decrease in the flow of traffic seeking out housing. Usually at this time of the year our traffic starts to pick up quickly. During last week’s marketing meeting the property manager, myself, and the leasing consultant decided that it was necessary to come up with an aggressive marketing technique in order to generate traffic to our property. As communication started amongst us we all three mentioned any idea that came to mind. This is a primary example of the importance of contribution from each diverse team member to accomplish the final goal which is success. Each team member’s role in my office is so different however, without each person’s perspective playing a part in the final resolution it would not have proved to be as successful with so many diverse individuals as it was.

The overall productivity and smooth operation of any organization ultimately relies upon the contribution and effort from several different team members. Communication is a necessity in order for the team to be successful as a whole in problem solving and decision making. In conclusion, without the implementation of the teamwork and communication concept, many organizations in the 21st century would be experiencing devastation in terms of the development and advancement of their companies.

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