Sample Diary Entry – Creative Writing Course

Dear Diary, what have I done wrong to be treated this inadequately? I’d rather be treated like a dog, kicked and refused, since the truth is less embarrassing than being in these deceitful teases. I would accept Demetrius for his teasing behaviors, for I do disturb him in such a way, but I do not understand why Lysander is making fun of me. What disgusting acts have I done? What laws have I broken? I am humiliated by all my friends, and this sorrow rips my heart apart. Thoughts are crossing all over in my head, having to realize that I am a

creature which is not even worth treating fairly. In a deep cloud of melancholy, I try to not think about the abusers for a moment, but thoughts of them just crawls up in my head.

Lysander, why do you give me all the vows which belong to Hermia? You give me a pain just to realize how sarcastic you are, and to imagine what you really have in your mind. Every sarcastic word you spew out just reminds me of my ugliness, and that slits my tender heart open. Hermia, my dearest friend, has turned into my odious friend just because of the misunderstandings. Hermia, you should understand the pain that I am suffering, for you are my dearest friend. Do you not remember our early days we shared, and the days which we grew a strong friendship which could not be broken? If you do, then why do you injure me with your words? Now please, please allow me to chide you for your mocking behaviors towards me.

Oh, let the magic fix all this chaos, and let there be the usual hatred towards me! Oh, how I miss the rejections I have suffered, but it is only now that I realize their importance. Oh, even hell cannot be bitterer than these ridiculous teases causing my vexations.