Odyssey 9th Grade Book Report

“Odyssey” and “Iliad” are thought to be composed by the Greek author Homer, and it’s unsure if he had in fact written them became there isn’t much academic information about his Homer’s life. His actual existence is debatable, and there is also a question about whether the “Odyssey” may have been written by multiple people over a longer period of time. There are even some who think that Homer only wrote the “Iliad.” However, if we assume both of the works were written by him then we would concern the conclusion he wrote “Odyssey” when he was older because his style had actually altered.

The Odyssey is divided into 24 books and 12110 hexameters. The story begins with the collapse of Troy. Odysseus, the main character of the story, is a warrior from the Trojan War. Throughout the story he is attempting to get back home after the war ends.

In the beginning, we discover his past and destiny differ from other characters in the story. We also meet his child who has avoided to discover key information about his father. When the plot changes completely to Odysseus, we are already introduced to the most important events of the book. In a couple of chapters, he tells everything he saw in the last couple of years. In the second part of the work he lastly returns to his nation and creates vengeance versus the suitors so he could return what’s his.

The plot starts in media res with an invocation of the muse and critical details about some characters. and the plot is existing. The narrator is the author of a few books in which Odyssey states his experiences and experiences. The plot is settled in a time where gods walked amongst individuals and spoke with them. Since she spoke with a lot of characters including Odyssey and Telemachus, Goddess Athena had a significant function. Frequently disguised, she offered advice and helped them reach their goals. Odyssey was a common man even though his look and strength made him appear like a god. He had lots of virtues, some of which were wisdom, high intelligence, resilience and just like every normal guy he often succumbed to temptation and chose the incorrect course.

Category: Epic Poem

Time: After the Trojan War

Place: Ithaca