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My Redneck Style – Creative Writing Essay

Redneck: Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class… A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude. This culture is often miss-interpreted. We are often confused with the stereotype of “white

trash”, though we share an abundance of the same traits. We are a culture comprised of boots and old jeans, and we are brought up with lessons taught to us by our parents. The word can be used as a pejorative phrase, but to us it is used as a matter of pride. Although the stereotypes related to social behaviors, intelligence, and prejudice are applied to rednecks; they are respectful people full of love for the outdoors, and everlasting pride.

Rednecks are often misjudged. There are seen as being disrespectful, racist people. Though this may true for some rednecks, it is not true for all. I for example, am not a racist person. I believe more in respecting everything including people and nature. Rednecks are usually brought up by there parents to be respectful. We try to stay strong to our teachings and remember the words of our elders. Respecting nature is a great deal to this subculture because we love it so much. If I get the choice of being inside or outside, my choice is always outside. We love to spend as much time outside as possible; camping, fishing, four-wheeling, etcetera.

There is something about waking up in the woods to the fresh air, getting up and smelling and seeing the nature all around you. Back to the subject of four-wheeling, we love our trucks. A great way to tell if someone belongs to the redneck subculture is if they have a big truck with enormous tires, and a Confederate flag or an American flag. People often misunderstand what the Confederate flag represents to us, for it doesn’t represent racism and slavery. It has a greater meaning than just that. It more represents the way of the southern life. What some do not realize is that not only did the south have slaves, but slavery was very strong in the north. Rednecks have many traits are often seen as ignorant, but we come off that way because we have a tremendous amount of pride. Most of our pride is for our country, for our family comes fist closely followed by the U.S.A.

Rednecks are often misunderstood, and the majority of people don’t really know what a redneck really is. Here is a man that truly understands what his culture is.
Being a redneck is being proud of your roots and a true love for your father’s name. Where family and friends are first and strangers are just a vague, dismal blur in the distance. Rednecks are good ol’ boys/gals…Their necks are red and maybe their arms, too, cause they work hard and out in the heat all day. The group that is ridiculed by most, but deep down envied by all. Big truck tires, huntin’, fishin’, tractor pulls, country music, Charlie Daniels, and rebel flags…They usually drive pickup trucks with loud sounds that can usually be heard before seen. Most people just can’t understand how you can have such a weird lifestyle of cowboy hats and buckles…How can your friends be more important than yourself? This might be a question from a typical non-redneck. Where the outdoors are loved and where blue-collar labor is not looked down on but a way of life. Where hard hats are worn instead of pocket protectors. Where steel toe boots are worn instead of nice loafers. Where blue jeans and a flannel are preferred to a nice coat and tie. Rednecks are the people that make the world go round!
-Jay Stanton

Though people like to apply stereotypes to the redneck subculture, they are much deeper people then that. We are not the ‘racist slobs’ people see us as, for we are a prideful group full of respect for others and for the outdoors.