Only People Trained In The Military Should Be Able To Carry A Weapon – Creative Writing Essay
In this essay you will hear about the hardships of people who use guns. Guns should only be allowed in the

hands of the right person. Now, how do we know who should be able to carry a gun?? We don’t! That this essay attempts to answer. As we get farther on into this essay, I will expose you to the horrors and goodness of guns and what they do to people like us.

I say that people should be allowed to carry a gun if trained in the military. They would be trained to know the proper procedures for firing a gun and so no one would get hurt. For everybody who wants to use a gun, there is a way to tell who is good and who is bad. Drop them in the middle of a scenario. Tell them they are in the desert and that this city-sized place is a holding location for them. Set up fake contacts for anything illegal and whoever takes the bait can not be trusted.

The other side of the argument is that people say “but how do you know who can be trusted.” People would also make a big fuss with the government and protest for making a fake city that costs so much money. There would be a bigger black market in weapons because of the rarity of them.

So to end my argument and I stand firmly and fully by it, I truly believe that if trained by the military we should be able to use weapons. You see, I believe in what the military stands for: strength, power, and quality, not what it does. In the end, everything is harmful if used in the wrong way, from leaves, to a feather, to a stick. All of them can be used as a weapon and used to create death.