Nuremberg Trials and Nazi Germany

The Nuremberg trials opened on Nov 20th 1945. The Nuremberg international military tribunal in Nuremberg tried over the many Nazis officials for their participation in the holocaust. The tribunal was composed of 2 judges from each of the following countries: united states , Russia , great Britain , and France . Those who were tried were sentenced from the four counts made to charge the nazi officials with.

The four counts used in Nuremberg trails were:1) conspiracy to commit any of the other counts, 2)crimes against peace including starting and participating, 3) war crimes and 4) crimes against humanity. These counts were the basis that all the defendants were tried upon at Nuremberg .

Some Nazi offials and leaders never were brought to trail. To some this was considered a large act of being cowardice. Hitler and Goebbels committed suicide at the end of the war. Mengele was able to flee Germany at the end of the war. He died a free man. Even today officials are still being brought to trail. The Nuremberg trails won’t close until any participant is tried for his wrong doing during the holocaust.

During the trails documented evidence of the atrocities of the holocaust was issued in the trails. The Nazis documented just about all of their acts during the holocaust. Nazi propaganda films were used as evidence. Many Jews in the concentration camps stole documentation and hid it in milk cans that were recovered at the end of the war. The allies also filmed the camps and survivors which also was used as evidence at the Nuremberg trails. There was a lot of evidence that was used to try the Nazis officials at Nuremberg .

Hitler’s right hand man was herman goring. Goring defended himself at his trail. He was charged with all 4 counts and sentenced to death by hanging. He was tried for his involvement with the Gestapo and creating the first concentration camps. Goring committed suicide two hours before he was supposed to be hanged from poison he had on him. Some believe that his guard found mercy on him and he was the one to hand goring his poison to kill himself. This suicide occurred on October 16th 1946.

Rudolf Hess was considered the number 3 man in the Nazis reich. He was deputy to the fuhrer. He was charged with counts 1 and 2 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He spent his prison sentence at spandov Prison until 1987 when he committed suicide at the age of 92. Hess fled to try to negotiate peace with Britain in 1941, but was taken prisoner until the end of the war. Wilhelm keitel was High Commander of the armed forces. He also instituted the night and fog decree. He was charged with all 4 counts and sentenced to hanging.

Baldurvon schirach was of part American origin. He was a leader of the Hitler youth. Schirach denounced Hitler at Nuremberg . He was charged with count 4 and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Nuremberg brought ease to many of the survivors. All of the Nazis defendants tried to appeal their sentences, but were denied. The wrong doings of the holocaust were brought to justice in a small amount by the trails. Many people in the Nazis party who should have been tried, never will because they either committed suicide or fled the country at the end of the war. Today many participants from the third Reich are still being brought to trial. Though, only a fraction of the participants in the third Reich will ever be charged for their participation in the holocaust.